You Won’t Be Bored in Melbourne

Melbourne may be one of the most inhabited cities in Australia, but this does not mean that you will be dissatisfied and disappointed when you get a campervan hire tour to the city. With its huge list of attractions combined with their happy and welcoming residents that came from all parts of the world, you will not feel any boredom at all while in this place. Melbourne has its perfectly natural beauty to make everyone enjoy their holiday vacation.

The Grampians

One of the stops you should make with your campervan hire is at the Grampians. This is just a three-hour drive to the west of Melbourne where you can see several species of flowers. Actually, the best season to visit here is during spring so you will totally be stunned with almost 1000 species of flowers blooming through the entire area.

St. Kilda

This is another hotspot that is very much famous to travelers and tourists. Almost thousands of visitors and residents flock to the beach area every summer to enjoy the heat of the sun and the coolness of the clean and clear water of the ocean.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Hungry? Park your campervan hire first near the Royal Botanic Gardens and enjoy a sumptuous quick lunch in this hot attraction located at the middle of Melbourne. Taking a stroll to the place and exploring the beautiful and lush garden after you eat sounds great.

Federation Square

If you are meeting some old friends currently residing in the city, The Federation Square is the best place to see each other. This place has become a popular landmark in the city.

Brunswick Street

Drive your campervan along this road or park it somewhere near so you can strut around the street and visit the well-known variety of cafes and small shops.

Apollo Bay

Another place to make a stop where you can easily park your campervan hire along the way is at Apollo Bay, just located by the Cape Otway and only a hundred and ninety kilometers away from central Melbourne. Apollo Bay is a perfect escape for travelers for some fun weekend getaway.

These places mentioned above easily make Melbourne such a very attractive and desirable city to discover and explore but they are just a percentage of what’s in the full list. There are so much more for a traveler to experience and see when he or she visit in Melbourne.

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