Why Consider an Australian Campervan Trip During Winter

Most people prefer to travel during the summer, when the weather is fine and you don’t have to put on layers and layers of clothes to fight the cold. But if you are among the few who love travelling during the winter, you know you are doing it for so many reasons other than your love for the season.

winter resort in AustraliaBenefits of Winter Touring

When you go on a winter tour, you will enjoy the following benefits:

– Cheaper fares. Since most tourists go on summer travels, winter is usually the off-peak season, hence the cheaper air fares and the easy availability of flights. Fares are cheaper with buses and trains, too.

– Better accommodation deals. This is another benefit due to the off-peak season since the owners of the different accommodation prefer to rent out their rooms at a lower rate instead of seeing them empty. As long as you’re not heading to a ski resort, you can get generous deals.

– Less traffic. Only a few people would be travelling during winter, hence you will enjoy less traffic and more time to enjoy the view unfolding before you as you drive throughout Australia in your campervan.

– Better campervan deals. There are many bargain rates that you can avail for campervans during winter. Make sure to compare these deals online before you choose one.

– Peace and quiet. You can enjoy a secluded beach all to yourself or a moment of reflection in the waterfalls without being bothered by many tourists.

– Easier filing for leave. Since not too many employees maybe filing for leave during the winter, you can take that opportunity to file for your leave and enjoy a higher chance of having it approved.

– Friendlier beaches. Although people go to the beach not only to swim, but also to soak in the sun, you can still enjoy the beach during the winter. At least you no longer have to deal with flies, scorching sand, and sunburn risks when the weather is generally cold.

winter campingBenefits of Winter Camping

If you go camping during the winter, you will surely enjoy these benefits:

– Fewer campers around. This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to campsites. You don’t have to fight with other campers for the best spot.

– Cooler tent temperature. During summer, the sun can quickly turn your tent into an oven during the day. But during winter, you can stay in your tent all day long without the risk of getting suffocated in the heat.

– Natural preservation. Perishable goods and milk don’t spoil that easily during winter compared to summer.

Benefits of Winter Hiking

Here are the advantages that you will enjoy from winter hiking:

winter hiking– Healthier temperature for outdoor workouts. You just need to wear the right clothes and the right number of layers to get the right temperature suitable for your body when you go outdoors to exercise.

– Fewer insects and pests. Mosquitoes and flies are often absent during the winter.

– Safer outdoor walks. Snakes usually hibernate during winter, making it safer for hikers who like to walk alone.

– Less sweating. This reduces the risk of dehydration, while helping you avoid getting smelly.

– Fewer hikers. If you want to hike to remote areas where you can enjoy the peace and quiet the place has to offer, you can enjoy just that during the winter.

– Less dust and allergens. Winter air is more suitable for people with sensitive noses.

Make your campervan trip in Australia more enjoyable by taking a winter trip. If you will get all these benefits and you don’t mind driving around with more layers of clothes, then a winter vacation in Australia in your campervan will be a good idea for you.

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