When to Go Campervanning in Australia

One of the most important aspects of planning your vacation in Australia is determining the right time to do it. The timing is even more important if you are going to travel by campervan all over Australia. It will basically be like camping on the road and you need good weather to enjoy the adventure without the risk of getting sick.

australia summerSummer

The best time to go campervanning in Australia is summer, when it is really warm with sunshine lighting up the country. However, there are also times when you might experience heat wave conditions as the temperature reaches 40°C. When you go out of the campervan, make sure to put on a shirt, apply sun cream, and wear a hat to avoid the sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Make sure to rent a campervan with a fully functioning air conditioner to fight the high temperatures when you’re travelling in the outback.


If you still want to travel to Australia during winter but you want warm weather, just make sure to avoid a trip to the New South Wales or Victoria. These areas usually have unpredictable weather, although they offer a lot of skiing opportunities.

For those who are looking for sunshine in the winter, you can go to the Northern Territories, Queensland, or Western Australia, which always enjoy a sunny weather and temperatures up to 30°C even during winter.

Rainy dayWet Season

You might not want to travel to Australia during the wet season, which is a transitional season before it starts to rain. This usually occurs during November or December. It is not the best time to go campervanning in the country since the season comes with near-total humidity. It is not advisable to travel at a stifling temperature, especially if you plan on taking your kids with you. But if you have no other time to tour around Australia, you will be rewarded in the form of brightly coloured views and a beautiful blooming countryside. Make sure to check the local weather before you go inland to avoid driving into roads washed away by the rain.

Peak Season

The peak season for vacations is during school holidays and summer breaks. This usually starts from Christmas to the end of January, which meant that the beaches and tourist spots are often crowded and charge higher rates during this time. However, you can always look for some secluded, private spots with your campervan if you choose the right guide. Some campervan rental companies will even show you where the best spots to visit are without costing you extra or exposing you to a huge crowd of tourists.

Sydney holidayWhen you start planning your campervan trip in Australia, make sure to ask advice from the experts. It is a good thing to do your research about the best spots to visit and to know when to execute your plans. Consider the different seasons mentioned above and think which is the ideal time for you to visit the Land Down Under with your campervan.



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