What You Need to Know About Campervan Trips in Australia

Is this your first time to go around Australia in a campervan? To prevent misunderstandings and incidents that could disrupt your vacation, it would be best to acquaint yourself with the campervan culture in the country.

What to Expect from the Campervan Rental Company

Most rental campervans in Australia has a manual transmission. Ask the company about this to know if you can really drive their vans.

You need to be at least 21 years of age before you will be legally allowed to rent a van.

Some rental companies are closed on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Make sure to ask about their business hours if you’re set to arrive on a weekend.

You may arrange to have the rental van dropped off at a location different from your pick up point. However, the rental company needs to have an office in the area and ask if there are extra charges.

The cost of the campervan may also include insurance charges. However, there are companies that only offer the coverage as an option.

Take note of the rental companies’ restrictions when it comes to where you can take their vans. Some may even ask you to stick to sealed roads. If you want to explore the wilderness, look for a company that allows you to explore more rough roads. Make sure that the destinations you’re interested in visiting are not on the restricted list. If you dare to travel these off-limit roads, you might risk causing damage to the van and it could mean paying the rental company a lot of money for compensation.

How to Prepare the Campervan

Before choosing a campervan for hire, think about all the things that you want to do during the trip. Match these things to the capabilities of the van to choose one that won’t disappoint you. Remember that not all four-wheel drives are the same. Some vans can survive deep river crossings, while others can’t.

If some parts of your Australian trip include travelling to remote areas, find the most reliable van there is. You may want to avoid the older vans and pay extra for a newer vehicle. The last thing you need in the wilderness is to deal with mechanical trouble.

Another thing that you have to consider in preparing for your campervan trip is the budget for fuel. It’s not cheap and it will get even more expensive the farther you are from the cities. If you plan on taking a long haul away from civilisation, don’t just budget using city prices to avoid a financial disaster.

You can save money if you choose to book the campervan early, especially when you’re also planning a trip during the peak tourist season, which varies across Australia. It would be safer to book months ahead because campervans are among the most popular ways to travel around the country.

Make sure to pay attention to the vehicle briefings before you drive off. Knowing how the sewage works and everything else can save you from a lot of disruptions will save you a lot of trouble and let you enjoy most of your Australian campervan trip.

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