What to Do in Flinders Ranges

flinders_rangesThere are several things that you can do when you visit Flinders Ranges. It is the perfect spot for you if you want to embrace Mother Nature after spending a lot of time in the city. You can explore it even better if you rent a campervan and drive from one spot to the next within Flinders Ranges.

Moralana Scenic Drive

Enjoy the drive on the 28km dirt road, covering the Leigh creek road and Wilpena road. The drive will also show you some sights, such as the Black Gap Lookout, the ABC Ranges, the southern side of the Wilpena Pound, the Elder Range, and more.

Willow Spring Station

This is a sheep station covering 70,000 acres. You can explore it by driving on the 60km Skytrek 4WD track. It used to include the Mt. Caernarvon track until 2012, when it became an exclusive track for the Willing Springs Station. However, you have to be prepared to spend six to seven hours on the road to complete the track.

wilpena_poundWilpena Pound

This area can give you plenty of opportunities to explore nature, from bike riding and bushwalking to riding hot air balloons or driving a 4WD. You can camp here with your campervan or enjoy the outdoors by putting up tents. There are even some permanent tents in the area, with solid floors and a capacity of five people.

Hot Air Balloon

Within Wilpena Pound, travellers can enjoy scenic flights and hot air ballooning. If you want to enjoy the sceneries below you at a slower rate that will help you savour the view, hot air ballooning might be a good choice for you.


If you want to watch the stars, which are quite a rare view in a busy and foggy city, prepare to pitch your tent outside. There are many spots in Flinders Ranges where you can just lie down and look at the skies, provided the weather is nice.

yellow-footed rock-wallabyBrachina Gorge

This is a hot spot for tourists visiting the Flinders Ranges National Park. It is home to the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby. You can take the Brachina Gorge Geological Tour, which will complete the 20km self-guided trail. The tour will teach you all about the different types of rocks that you will see in the area and how old each rock is.

Caravan Parks

You can park your campervan in one of the many caravan parks and campsites in the Flinders Ranges. Among the most visited are Melrose Caravan Park and Hawker Caravan Park. Nature lovers also prefer going to the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. You can stay at a caravan park, lodge, or bush camping site. Many of these campsites also provide facilities, such as barbecue spots, swimming pool, restaurants, trampoline, and powered sites.

Private Camping

If you don’t want to be disturbed by many campers, you can choose the private camping facilities in the Flinders Ranges. They might ask for a small fee, but it will be worth if it means you can enjoy using the toilet, fire ring with a barbecue rack, tables and chairs, and more.

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