Top Things to Do in Port Adelaide, South Australia

Wondering where will be your next travel destination? Why don’t you try visiting the Port Adelaide in South Australia? Port Adelaide is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to see in South Australia. It is the perfect place for you if you also love football since it is the home of successful football clubs in the whole Australia.

Port Adelaide is just west of Adelaide. It has unique natural and historical attractions. It is situated near a port, wetlands, beach and river. Traveling Port Adelaide is most convenient if you will hire a campervan. If you plan to have a holiday in Port Adelaide, South Australia, then here are the most exciting things to do there.

Cruising. Port Adelaide’s most scenic river is the Port River. You can have the opportunity to cruise on this wonderful river. Expect to see river dolphins! If you haven’t seen any dolphins in your entire life, the Port River is the home of playful dolphins that frolic near the river’s ships. Cruise on a lazy afternoon – eat and relax as you watch the beautiful scenery. All Port River cruises leave from the wharf promenade then to the Lighthouse Square and lastly, the Commercial Road.

Visit museums. If you are fond of art and history, Port Adelaide has the National Railway Museum for you. It contains unique collections of antique locomotives, freight carriages, as well as passenger carriages that existed for several decades. In fact, the National Railway Museum is Australia’s top railway museum out there.

Another notable museum in Port Adelaide is the South Australian Maritime Museum. There, you will see how Port Adelaide has evolved throughout the course of history. The museum’s staff are all friendly and they will be more than happy to explain and answer all of your questions regarding Port Adelaide’s rich history. Of course, there are haunting ghost stories to tell, too! So if you want to be a little spooked, you may want to visit the South Australian Maritime Museum.

Visit the Seahorse Farm. If you are interested in seahorses, then the Seahorse Farm is the perfect place to go. The Seahorse Farm contains an extensive collection of seahorses and the astonishing sea dragons that exist and existed ever in South Australia. Learn how they live and survive in this modern time. We’re sure that you will be amazed even if you’re not a lover of seahorses.

Go shopping. Your visit to Port Adelaide won’t be complete if you don’t go shopping. Among the best shopping markets to go there is the Fishermen’s Wharf Markets. You can buy almost everything here. There are antique souvenirs, wide collection of books, groceries, fine cuts of meat, fresh fishes and so much more! In fact, you can spend your whole day shopping!

For you to fully enjoy your Port Adelaide travel, hire a campervan. With a campervan, you can easily visit from one place to another. What’s more, a campervan has room enough for all your shopping and belongings.

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