Top Stops While Driving Around in Kangaroo Island

When Matthew Flinders reach an island’s Australian shores in March of 1802 after being starved of fresh food for months, they found plenty of easy game to eat in the form of kangaroos. In honour of the island’s bountiful blessings, he called it the Kangaroo Island. Aside from kangaroos, the island is also known for its honey from Ligurian honey bees and for being the world’s first bee sanctuary.

But there are more things that the Kangaroo Island can offer you if you drive around, especially in a comfortable campervan.

Seal Bay Conservation Park

This could be your first stop. Guided tours are available for those who want to watch the endangered sea-lions in their natural habitat, which is usually a beach, a dune, or coastal vegetation. The 800-metre boardwalk also serves as a viewing platform where you can easily watch the sea-lions enjoying the sun on the beach or playing around.

Portland Maru

Shipwrecks do have a mysterious appeal to them, making them attractive sights for tourists. If you want to see real shipwrecks, you can simply drive to Kangaroo Island in your rented campervan. The island has a lot of shipwrecks you can explore, but Portland Maru is the biggest of them all at 5,865 tons. It has been in water since March of 1935.

Emu Bay

You can drive your campervan starting from Kingscote, the island’s biggest town. Drive along the North Coast Road from Kingscote towards Emu Bay, where you can swim with the dolphins, charter a fishing boat, and go sightseeing. A 4WD tour is also available, which you can avail of to drive along the beach.

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse

The Kangaroo Island is still home to a lot of lighthouses. People love lighthouses because they are attractive and romantic in a way they are positioned in between land and water. If you’re one of these people, you may be interested in the oldest lighthouse in South Australia, the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, which was built in 1858. The great thing about it is that it’s still operating until now.

Koala Avenue

Your next campervan stop could be Koala Avenue, although you can simply walk to it from the Flinders Chase National Park. It’s appropriately named as such because you can easily see koalas           in their natural home.

Drive onto the Kelly Hill Caves, which is more than just a bushland. It has numerous caves waiting for you, which you can explore better, with the help of a tourist guide. You’ll learn more about stalactites, stalagmites, straws, and helictites.

Flinders Chase National Park

Drive from Kingscote for an hour and a half and you’ll get to Flinders Chase National Park. You’ll find wind-sculpted rock formations sitting on top of the Remarkable Rocks, a smooth granite dome. You can also enjoy the West Bay beach and the hike to the Rocky River.

Since you have the freedom to choose where you are going to stop by while driving around a campervan on Kangaroo Island, New Zealand, you can visit these places and more. You can taste the famous Ligurian honey, watch koalas, and explore shipwrecks, among others, within a short period of time, all thanks to a campervan.

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