Top Places to Camp with Your Campervan in Yarra Valley

caravan parkIf you are looking to hire a campervan to tour the Yarra Valley at a more leisurely pace with your family, it’s important to know the right holiday parks. It is a good thing, then that there are a few great campsites to accommodate you and your campervan. This makes it easier for you to orchestrate your getaway from the troubles and pressures of the real world. Simply breaking that daily routine will do wonders to your tired body and soul.

There are a few camping sites that you might want to consider to keep yourself, your family, and your campervan and other vehicles safe. They have the right features designed to assist your family and your campervan needs, too.

BIG4 Badger Creek Holiday Park

This holiday park is ideal for those families and travelling groups that want to rest in the middle of a quiet ground. The park is right in the middle of 24 hectares of tranquillity provided by its surrounding bush land. It also boasts of the natural sceneries of the Badger Creek, Piccaninny Lake, and the bushland. If you’re new to the whole rural environment, you might need time getting used to the view every time you wake up in the morning and get out of your campervan.

BIG4 offers a self-contained park accommodation, caravanning, and camping accommodations. However, the guests also have options to choose the hillside cabins, studio rooms, or the one- or two-bedroom cabins.

healesvilleHealesville Tourist Park

This is one of the top caravan parks in the Yarra Valley region. It is only 90 minutes away from Melbourne as it sits right in the centre of the Yarra Valley. The holiday park is surrounded by the bush at the base of the Great Dividing Ranges and Mt. Riddell. It has quality cabins for tourists who want to take proper rest instead of being on the road at all times. You can choose between camping out in your campervan and sleeping inside one of the gorgeously decorated rooms in the tourist park.

Crystal Brook Tourist Park

If you want to see the wildlife without leaving the city too far behind, go to Crystal Brook Tourist Park. It is a perfect mix of a city park and a bush park, complete with its natural attractions and intriguing wildlife. It is close to Melbourne, making it the perfect getaway if you just want to take a campervan break for one to two days with your family or friends. If you book a caravan accommodation at the park as a group, you might even get a special discount.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUpper Yarra Reservoir Park

This camping area offers a lot of services and facilities. Guests can use the showers, toilets, fireplaces, and electric barbecues. The park is also quite close to the homes of some local wildlife, so keep your eyes and ears open to their movements. During downtime, you can enjoy fishing or even take a dip, especially if you’re holidaying during summertime.

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