Top Hiking Spots in Australia

Hiking Australia will show you their bountiful blessings in the form of natural sceneries. The perfect time to plan a hiking adventure in the Land Down Under would be in the fall. If you want to make the most out of your trip, make sure to find the best hiking trails the country can offer.

Great Ocean RoadGreat Ocean Walk

It stretches 60 miles, taking you from Apollo to Glenample. Hikers may take the shorter hikes during the day, where they will pass through historic shipwrecks, sand dunes, and lighthouses, or hike around the area for several days to pass by the Otway National Park and cliff tops with the great view of the ocean. If you’re travelling in a campervan, make sure to bring along a tent with you or you can look for a hotel in one of the nearby beach towns. The hike will likely give you the chance to spot some penguins, wallabies, koalas, albatrosses, peregrine falcons, and whales. Just be careful during high tide when some areas are not passable.

Whitsunday Islands

There are a lot of hiking trails in these islands. Some are flat, while others are hilly. Hikers will also see butterflies and wallabies along the way. If you want to see more of the islands, you must be willing to climb the South Molle. Its peak offers a 360-degree view of the different sceneries around the island. Don’t go near the stinging tree to avoid rashes.

Blue MountainsBlue Mountains

The bushwalks in this national park have the perfect view of the waterfalls, valleys, and forest. The Blue Mountains National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site with one of the most complex hiking trails among the national parks in Australia. You can pick from any of the two- to five mile day hikes. The best thing about Blue Mountains is that you can simply drive for an hour from Sydney to get to the hiking trail.

Cradle Mountain & Lake St. Clair National Park

The Tasmanian Overland Trek stretches 50 miles from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair. It can be covered in five to 10 days. However, beginners may choose to take shorter hikes that last at least 30 minutes. The trail offers a view of alpine meadows, moorlands, craggy peaks, glacial valleys, and ancient beech forests. While packing your campervan for the hike, make sure to bring all the gear that you need to help you walk through mud, whatever the season is during your planned walk.

Bibbulmun Track

This is Australia’s version of the great Appalachian Trail. It stretches to around 1,000km showing some of the best views in Western Australia. The hike starts from the hills in Perth, passing through jarrah forests and granite mountains, taking you south to the karri forests, and then along the south coast before reaching Albany.

Bluff KnollStirling Ranges Ridge Walk

The Stirling mountain range is just 200 miles southeast of Perth. If you climb the 3,500-foot Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the range, you will have the best view of the farmland around it. You can just park your campervan in the Stirling Range Caravan Park and get on the bus that will take you to Mt. Ellen, the hike’s starting point. The hike will show you the native Australian wildflowers, Goanna lizards, wedge-tailed eagles, and regent parrots. Bring lots of water with you and prepare to sleep in one of the camping caves along the track.

You can try any of these hiking trails when you visit Australia. Just make sure to pick the trails that suit your physical condition and time.

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