Top Games to Play During a Long Campervan Trip

scrabbleWhen you’re travelling with kids, you have to load up on travel games and entertainment. Even the best view won’t easily pacify a kid who’s bored or throwing a tantrum. Kids are naturally blessed with a short attention span, so you have to make do with what they can give you. You have to be patient and creative in preparing games for them.


It is a fun and educational game for the kids. Just make sure to find a magnetic travel scrabble game.

Who Am I?

Think of famous people and everyone else asks you questions to pinpoint that person. You should only answer a yes or no. But more than famous people, you can also think of cartoon characters, animals, or objects. Just change the game line to “What am I?”


Before you leave the house, bring along some paper. Draw some objects on the squares that you might pass by during the road trip. It could be a tractor, traffic light, traffic signage, animals, and more. Bring along some stickers too to cover each object that has been spotted. Eventually, someone will get a BINGO.



Tongue Twisters

Keep your kids occupied with tongue twisters, which should keep them off petty quarrels. Buy a book of tongue twisters or better yet, make some on your own. It will also make for some great laughs if someone messes up.


Mobile Phone Games

As much as you’d like your trip to be technology-free, you can use your mobile phone simply for entertainment anyway. Let the kids take turn playing a game and let them beat each other’s score. The competitive spirit should keep them occupied for an hour or so. Just make sure to limit mobile game time.

scissor paper rockScissors Paper Rock

Everyone knows how to play this game, even the small kids. It is simple yet it can be a lot of fun, especially if you play it at high speed.


Spot streets with a long name and ask everyone in the van to create words using each letter of the street name. Give them two minutes to write as many words as they can. Two points for unique words and one for those words that are also used by the other players. This can go on for hours every time you see a street name that is longer than four letters.


The first player says the name of an animal. The second player should think of another animal with a name that starts with the last letter of the first animal’s name, and so on and so forth. The game goes on until someone couldn’t think of another name to say and booted out of the game.

Guess the Song

Listen to the radio. When a song comes on, the first person to guess the song title and the artist gets one point. Find a radio station that will tell you name of the song and the artist after the song was played.

I SpyI Spy

This a classic road trip game with the line, ‘I spy with my little eye, something…’ It should be objects that can be found within the campervan or objects that are easily found at a stop. You will describe the object without explicitly naming it and everyone else will take a guess. Even the small kids can join in the game as long as the objects of the game are within the vehicle.

Be as creative as you can be when entertaining your kids during a long campervan trip. Happy kids make for a happy road trip all over Australia.


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