Top Destinations to Visit in Tasmania via Campervan

Though Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia, you could see and do several wonderful things there through a campervan. This small state is still a haven of untouched forests with amazing wildlife. And yes, Tasmania is the home of the ever popular Tasmanian Devil.

With a campervan, you could fully enjoy the views in Tasmania. A campervan offers maximum comfort when traveling and going to different places. And what’s more, you could easily stuff all your luggage inside a campervan’s big compartment.

So much about the campervan stuff and let’s begin our joy ride. Here are some of Tasmania’s top destinations you could visit via campervan.

Coles Bay

Your holiday won’t be complete if you will not swim in Tasmania’s beaches. Coles Bay provides you a good swimming place. You and your family can have a beach picnic there. Coles Bay is also very near to Wineglass Bay, another fine beach in Tasmania.

Be it Coles Bay or Wineglass Bay, you could go windsurfing, sailing, fishing, and even rock climbing. And this is your chance to see Tasmania’s most famous icon, the Tasmanian Devils. There are several Tasmanian Devils that roam in Coles Bay.


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania with many points of interest. It is a very wonderful place to see with your campervan. You could head towards Hobart’s Battery Point and see its chocolate factory, old mansions, churches and eat some seafood delights.

If you want to see a more picturesque view of the town, you could go at Mount Wellington. The roads toward this 1270 meter high mountain might be a bit windy, but you could still drive your campervan up there.

On the other hand, if you want to discover the history of Hobart, you could visit Port Arthur and see the ruins that made up Hobart’s history. In Port Arthur, you could see a museum, an old church, an old convict settlement, old period houses and fantastic gardens.

Huon Valley

Huon Valley is the home of coastal villages and breathtaking scenery. Among its finest attractions are Bruny Island and Storm Bay wherein you could watch the splendid water of the ocean crash magnificently along the shores. Another point of interest is the Hartz Mountains National Park wherein you could see beautiful gardens and several species of wildlife.


Launceston is another historical home of Tasmania. In Launceston, you could see historic buildings and museums that preserve Tasmania’s history. Launceston is not a boring place. It also has a world class dining spot, cruises and a world class fishing experience in Launceston Lakes.

You could also drive your campervan towards the very beautiful Cataract Gorge which is only 15 minutes away from the center of Launceston. As for wine lovers, you could visit the Tamar Valley Vineyards and drink some of the finest wines and eat some cheese.

These are only some of Tasmania’s top destinations that you could go see with a campervan. There are a lot of things to explore in Tasmania even if it is just a small place. We’re sure that you will enjoy your holiday adventure there!

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