Some of Cairns’ Best Caravan Parks

If you are on a Queensland holiday, be sure to check out Cairns. Cairns is filled with wonderful scenery such as rainforests, palm trees, coastal villages, reef islands, and beaches. To fully explore this village, you could go driving with a campervan.

With a hired campervan, you could eliminate the hassle of commuting. If you want to go at a particular place in Cairns, you just have to go with a campervan. You’re free on where to go and you’re free on what to stuff inside your vehicle.

Cairns has caravan parks in which you could bring your campervan along. These caravan parks are a perfect way to start if you want to see picturesque views with a vehicle along. Among the best caravan parks of Cairns are the following:

Lake Placid Tourist Park

The Lake Placid Tourist Park is an award winning caravan park because of its beautiful wildlife. It is located at the north of Cairns and near the Barron River Gorge National Park. Tourists love to go at this caravan park because it is immersed in acres of rainforest.

There are several birds in the forest, as well as turtles, fishes and ducks in the lake. Your children will surely enjoy watching and feeding these animals in the lake. Aside from that, Lake Placid is in proximity to other popular attractions like Skyrail, Cape York, Kuranda Scenic Railway, and Port Douglas.

Crystal Cascades Holiday Park

It’s just a 15 minute drive away from the center of the city. If you love birds, shopping, and swimming, the Crystal Cascades Holiday Park is the best way to go. This caravan park has wonderful species of birds that even non-bird lovers are captivated.

Its shopping center has loads of wonderful souvenirs for your friends and family. If you want to have a little splash on the beach, you could go at its nearby beaches. Or if you are more on sports, there’s an available tennis court.

Coolwaters Holiday Park

Coolwaters Holiday Park is just a 7 minute drive away from the city. This is the perfect way to go if you’d like to experience living in an oasis-like paradise. In this caravan park, you’ll be able to enjoy the mountain views and crystal clear creeks.

The staffs in this caravan park are also approachable. They will guide you if you need something. Aside from the good people, you could have a rainforest walk, an entertainment night or you could grab loads of pizza to eat.

Cairns Sunland Leisure Park

With your campervan, you could easily drive towards Cairns Sunland Leisure Park. It is just four kilometers away from the city center. Enjoy its pools, much like of a waterfall and wading pool. You and your children will definitely have a fantastic getaway.

Fill your stomach with good food such as a hot barbecue on the frill. If you feel like shopping, there is also an available mini mart filled with cool souvenirs and choices.

See? You could go to a lot of places if you have your campervan with you. Enjoy your holiday!

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