How To Search

Step 1:

As we offer our campervan hire services across several countries, you can now select the specific country that you are looking for. Just click the ‘Country’ drop down and select the appropriate choice.

Country Selection

Step 2:

Next is where you would like to Pick Up the campervan from, as we do have a lot of information on the website, you will need to ensure you understand where you are picking the campervan from. Click on the Pick Up drop down menu and choose where is most convenient for you.
You do not need to drop the campervan off at the same location you picked it up from. You can choose the Drop Off destination by clicking the drop down menu and selecting a location you will be finishing up at.

Location Selection

Step 3:

So that we can get the campervans prepared, please let us know that dates that you will require the motorhome. We have got two date selections:
First, the Pick Up Date – This is the date that you would like to collect the campervan up from the pick up depot you selected.
Second, the Drop Off Date – This is the date that you would like to return the campervan to the drop off location you have selected.
There are blue calendar images next to each date selection – By clicking on one of the Calendar Images you will be able to select your appropriate dates in an easy to use, calendar style interface.

Date Selection

Step 4:

Berths are extremely important, as it indicates how many people are going to be sleeping in the campervan.
For Example:
2 Berth – Sleeps up to 2 people
5 Berth – Sleeps up to 5 people

In addition, the higher Berth campervan you have will mean the larger the motorhome will be in size.

Vehicle Size Selection

Step 5:

We also accommodate for people all over the world, which means we can provide our campervans with all major currencies.
Underneath the Currency heading, click the drop down menu to select the currency that is appropriate for your country.
The most common currencies that are used are AUD (Australia Dollar) and USD (United States Dollar).

Currency Selection

Step 6:

After you have filled out every piece of information correctly and to the specifications you are looking for, click the large SEARCH button to see the pricing and results.

Search Selection