How to Have a Blast in Your Great Ocean Road Drive

If you are to visit Victoria in Australia, you should never miss driving in the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is a popular driveway for tourists because of it’s a scenic drive. The Great Ocean Road stretches a 250 kilometre long from Torquay, Melbourne until Warrnambool. This drive will allow you to see beautiful towns, national parks, and the popular Twelve Apostles, the famed limestone rock formations. You could also have a sight of the London Bridge. To be able to enjoy this once in a lifetime ride, you should hire a campervan. A campervan is not your ordinary vehicle since it is like a mini home. Here are some ways on how to have a blast in your Great Ocean Road drive.

Don’t rush.

When you are driving with your campervan in the Great Ocean Road, don’t rush to see the Twelve Apostles. Take time to admire the view along the road. Enjoy the beauty of the coastline and take some pictures. The roadway itself offers you scenic views. Take time to watch the beautiful trees swaying at the mountain ranges. Hear the birds singing and the gush of the ocean.

Mini stops.

As we have mentioned earlier, don’t rush. Along the Great Ocean Road, you could have a short stop in one of its towns. In Anglesea, you could have some fun in its beach or do a little hiking. You could also have a stop in the Torquay’s Bell’s Beach. In the Bell’s Beach, the famed Ripcurl Pro is held annually during Easter season. On the other hand, you may choose to park your campervan in Lorne if you love to eat fresh seafood. You could also go for some fishing in the Apollo Bay with the locals.

See other famous spots.

The main attraction of the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles. However, don’t limit yourself with that alone. You’re free to see other famous destinations like the Split Point Light House, wherein it is featured in the Australian TV show called Around the Twist. You could have some tea in the lighthouse, or just visit the Bark House which is beneath the lighthouse. You could also visit the Otway Fly Tree Top Adventure or the Great Otway National Park.

These are some of the top ways on how you could have a blast during your campervan drive along the Great Ocean Road. Don’t rush and enjoy the scenic views!


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