Hiring A Campervan In Australia: Road Safety Pointers

A campervan vacation in Australia is bound to be an adventure of a lifetime. There are so many things to see, and there are countless activities to do while driving from one territory to the next. Before you set your eyes on the fun places and activities up ahead, it is best to go back to the most basic part of campervan vacations – road safety. Your safety and the safety of the people who are travelling with you must come first throughout your trip. This can make all the difference in your excursions around this naturally rugged but beautiful country. Here are some things you might want to think about as you roll out to the seemingly endless roads of Australia.

First things first

Road safety starts from the road worthiness of your vehicle. Rent out your campervans from trusted companies. Have your own checklist if you know enough about campervans. This double checking can give you peace of mind and another opportunity to arrest problems before you start your road trip. Before you start your vehicle make sure everybody are wearing their seatbelts especially the kids in the van. Out in the road never tailgate. Keep a safe distance always. Be patient and wait for the right time to overtake (single line on the road!). Never gamble your life and others by overtaking in blind curves. Waiting a little bit more can spare you from putting anybody’s life at risk.

Hours on the road – vigilance is the key

There are plenty of stops along the road so take every chance you can to rest, have a quick shut eye, or just stretch your legs. Fatigue is one of the most common causes of road accidents so when you are dozing off on the road you know you are no longer fit to drive. It is best to have someone with a driver’s license with you in the campervan especially if your route covers a lot of distance on the road. Having someone to relieve you once in a while can ensure your safety and also give you the ability to reach your destination on time. Keep your eyes on the instrument panel. Be mindful of your water and oil levels and also initiate stops on service stations to check your tires especially when you have covered some considerable distance.

Last but not the least things

Do not drink and drive. Although this tip can be annoying for being so “common sense”, it is still worthy of a spot in this set of pointers. Alcohol should never be consumed if you are driving. This also makes texting and using the phone while driving a definite no-no. Give the road your full attention. It is best to exclude the driver from the fun and games inside the campervan. It is also best to do things away from the driver’s seat to prevent distractions and surprises that may cause the driver lose control of the vehicle.




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