Free Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

If you’re out on a campervan trip towards the glamorous city of Sydney, Australia, you don’t have to worry about spending too much. This wonderful city has many places for you to visit without losing a cent. But of course, dining expenditures are a different matter. Explore the fabulous city of Sydney without handing over entrance fees! Here are some of the free things you can do with a little budget and your campervan alone:

Strolling the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most well-known landmarks in Australia. It is a steel arch bridge that holds the record of being the largest type of bridge in the world. Though it’s not competing for the longest steel arch bridge, its wonderful arch is undoubtedly one of the finest. The climb may cost you more than a hundred dollars but the walk along the pedestrian path of the bridge is totally free. Stroll around and see the harbor’s wonderful coast. Take some pictures and have your souvenir photo at the famous harbor bridge.

Explore the arts in the Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is Sydney’s premier art institution. And yes, it is free to enter the gallery. You can see lots of indigenous arts as well as Asian arts. You will be amazed on how the arts and crafts are carefully and wonderfully created by the artists. On Wednesday nights, you can witness free films and talks from prominent persons. This gallery is perfect especially for those who love arts.

Hold a picnic in the Royal Botanical Gardens

If you love to hold a picnic during your Sydney holiday, better spend it in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Spread your mat on the luscious green grasses of the garden and enjoy the view of beautiful flowers, trees and herbs. There’s also a tropical greenhouse in the garden wherein you can see a variety of exceptional flowers and herbs. At times, there are also free tours in the area.

Have some barbecue in the Bronte Park

Your campervan holiday trip in Sydney won’t be complete without tasting its delicious barbecues. The Bronte Park can be your lunch spot and eat some steamy barbecues on the go. You can actually have a meat-fest or a family grill while having a great view on its splendid blue shores. Try some barbecue kebabs and barbecued meat-vegetables for a different yet delicious taste.

Marine life sightseeing at Shelly Beach

Are you up for a free snorkeling at Shelly Beach? If you like to see plenty of marine life without spending too much, then Shelly Beach is a good spot. Just ready your swimming goggles and swimming attire to see fishes, seaweeds, corals, snails, seahorses and etc. The Gordon’s Bay is also a good spot to see marine life.

There are a lot of things you can do in Sydney, Australia aside from these. For easier traveling, hire a campervan. You can go to several places in one day with a vehicle.


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