Campervan Travel: Top Family Activities in Cairns, Queensland

One of the best ways to travel in Queensland, Australia is through a campervan. A campervan is like your mini home all packed into one. If you are having a vacation in Queensland, you may hire a campervan for a hassle free transportation. Queensland has several towns that exude great beauty, and one of them is Cairns. Cairns would be the perfect place to visit if you are traveling with your family since there are many available and fun activities to do if you go there. Your kids and even parents would truly enjoy if they have a trip there. Here are the top family activities you could do while in Cairns, Queensland.

Hitting Cairns’ tropical beaches.

Cairns is a haven of wonderful tropical beaches. Children love swimming and picking shells at the shorelines. Among its beautiful beaches are the Trinity Beach and the Palm Cove. As for the parents, they could try surfing. The gentle waves would surely let them experience a ride of their life. When on the beach, be sure to make a measure of precaution. Don’t go beyond the red and yellow flags. And be careful of stingers! The stinger season is between October and May.

Go for a rainforest swim.

If you and your family can’t get enough of swimming, you could always go for a swim in rainforest waterholes. You don’t have to visit the famous Mossman Gorge in order to experience a rainforest swim. In Cairns, there is a stunning freshwater hole called Crystal Cascades. It is specifically located in the Redlynch Valley. It’s just a 20 minute campervan drive from Cairns’ CBD. You could bring along bread to feed the fishes. And then, put your goggles on. Swim under to see the fishes clearly. Another beautiful rainforest spot is the Babinda Boulders.

The Esplanade Lagoon

Indeed, Cairns is a nice place to go for a swim. The Esplanade Lagoon is a manmade lagoon pool where every family could enjoy swimming. Aside from swimming, the lagoon holds a special free entertainment. And during school holidays, there are available activity programs for your children.

Wildlife spotting

You and your family could then have a campervan ride towards the Rainforest Canopy, Barron Falls or the Jack Barnes Bicentennial Mangrove Boardwalk for a wildlife spotting activity. These nature walks would allow you to see bush turkeys, green tree frogs, and even lorikeets. You and your children could see different species of birds. In fact, Cairns is a favorite spot of birdwatchers.

Going to the marketplace

And lastly, if you want to do some little shopping, Cairns have the Rusty’s Market which is located at the Sheridan Street. The said market is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You could buy there fresh fruits, vegetables, drinks, and souvenir items.


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