Campervan Tours: Discovering the Beauty of Ayers Rock

Can you imagine visiting Australia just to see a rock? I’m not referring to an ordinary rock. I’m talking about the very beautiful Ayers Rock. Perhaps, some of you have or have not heard about this special rock. It is not a minute rock. It is a gigantic rock as big as a small mountain. This gigantic rock is not the usual grey in colour. The Ayers Rock is naturally and brightly coloured red. Have you seen any rock like that? If not, I hoped that I have piqued your interest with the brief introduction I have. Travel with your campervan or hire a campervan in Australia (if you don’t have one) so that you may be able to see the sheer beauty of the Ayers Rock. Read on to find out more about the Ayers Rock.

The Ayers Rock

If you are going for a campervan tour in Australia, be sure not to miss the Red Centre of the Northern Territory! Specifically, it is located at the Kata Tjuta National Park, one of the World Heritage Sites. The Ayers Rock is proudly towering over the park’s desert landscape. The Ayers Rock is also popularly known by its aboriginal name, Uluru. In fact, Uluru is an iconic landmark of Australia because of its extraordinary beauty. It is a wonderful giant sandstone monolith with a red colour. Hence, being one of Australia’s greatest natural attractions.

The Anangu, the aborigines of the place, give high regard to the Ayers Rock. This iconic rock is very important to their culture and history. So as to show our respect to these people, we must not litter in the area and avoid unnecessary vandalism on the rock.

Campervan travelers in Australia dare not to miss visiting Uluru. If you went there, you will experience a wealthy experience of spiritual and cultural activities. If you are worrying about not having a campervan for this memorable trip, there are several campervan for hire near Uluru which includes the Alice Springs. There, you can have a vast choice of campervan rentals.

Things to Do in Uluru

Though Uluru is a sacred place for the aborigines, they still allow travelers to climb the rock as long as you behave well. Since the Ayers Rock is famous, climbing it is one of the travelers’ dreams. Atop the Ayers Rock, you can see the beauty below it – the oak trees and the vast plains.

If you don’t have the heart of climbing it, you can watch the rock change its colour during sunrise or sunset. During these times, the Ayers Rock will be at its best red hue. Have a delicious breakfast or dinner while you watch the rock’s amazing transformation. Or for a change, you can also observe the rock from the sky with a hot air balloon ride. See the rock at a different perspective with a hot air balloon.

You can also tour around the rock. If you don’t want to severe your foot, you can ride on camels while you gaze at the surroundings of the rock. There are tour guides there willing to share with you the culture and history accustomed with the Ayers Rock.

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