Campervan Tips: Travelling with Kids

campervan_nzWhen you explore Australia with your kids in a campervan, you have to be extremely prepared for the trip and for handling your children. You need loads of patience, humour, and creativity to survive through the trip with the kids.

Campervan Van and Family Bonding

If you rent a campervan, you will have the flexibility that you need. You can be in total control of your trip and of the kids, while looking after everyone’s safety. But its ultimate benefit is that you will have lots of opportunities to bond with your family, enjoy amazing places together, and get to know your kids better.

Travelling Pointers

To make your campervan trip with your kids a pleasant experience for everyone, here are some tips that you can follow:

– Pick a destination that benefits everyone. Even if your kids are young, they will likely have formed their preferences as to what places to visit. While you may want to explore historic towns, they might want to visit amusement parks. Consider what everyone wants before planning your itinerary.

– Create a daily itinerary. Don’t forget to set enough time for your kids to rest and relax after all your trips and activities. Instead of packing your day with so many trips, chill out with your kids first. Let them rest in between trips.

– Pack properly. Take note, shop, and arrange extra clothes, food, and other camping items first before your trip. Pack light, but don’t forget to bring extras for your kids either.  The snacks would be the most important things for your kids. Choose fruits, biscuits, carrots, and other healthy treats instead of foods high in sugar. Make sure to bring insect repellent, bottled water, hats, sunscreen, and first aid kit in your bag at all times.

kids_in_campsites– Pack some games. You have to keep your kids entertained while you’re on the road, when you can’t get out. Old-fashioned games with cards, travel diary making, and picture taking might be good hobbies, although some parents allow their kids to play with their gadgets.

– Establish your authority. When you have more than one kid in the campervan, fights are bound to break out. But you have to stop the quarrel from turning into a huge fight. You can either stop the van and talk it out with them, or firmly tell them to stop fighting.

You can also involve your kids in choosing your destinations and making your itinerary. This will make them feel important, which should help them behave like grownups throughout the trip.

– Stop at campsites. There are usually many kids in campsites. Kids are a natural when it comes to befriending other kids, even if there is a language barrier. This should help them release their pent-up energy while they were cooped up in the van.

– Don’t pack too much into your driving schedule. You might feel like it’s a good idea to cover as many places as you can, but it’s just not advisable if you have kids with you. They tend to get bored and cranky when you spend so much time on the road while trying to get onto the next destination.

– Establish routines. This will make it easier for you to manage your kids. Give them certain responsibilities to keep them responsible. This way, you won’t have to do everything yourself.

kids_with_campers– Be flexible. Even if you have plans for the entire trip, be ready to change them at a minute’s notice when something doesn’t go as planned. Otherwise, you will end up beating yourself in frustration.

Take this time on the road to bond with your kids. Show them the real meaning of family bonding while living in your campervan.

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