Campervan Hire in Townsville

The city of Townsville has a population of 265,170 and lies in the Queensland region of Australia. With a distance of 1300 km between Townsville and Brisbane, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of activities in Townsville itself before travelling onto other locations nearby when you hire a campervan in Townsville.

Your Townsville Campervan Adventure

My Campervan™ can help you to find a great campsite for you to stay in during your stay in your rented campervan in Townsville. Our useful search feature will enable you to find an affordable and safe campsite for overnight stays in an area that is convenient. Amongst some of the great choices in Townsville campsites that you can choose from, you’ll find sites like the Rowes Bay Caravan Park, Coral Coast Tourist Park, Town & Country Caravan Park, Walkabout Palms Caravan Park, Lakes Holiday Park and the Bluewater Caravan Park.

Staying in a rented campervan in Townsville has all kinds of advantages. You will be able to enjoy a great adventure with your loved ones, and get more quality time together than you’d be able to if you were visiting Townsville in any other way.

Your hired campervan will have all the facilities that you could possibly want. Having your own bathroom means that it wont matter if you get caught in a rainstorm or if your kids get messy when they’re running around outside, because you’ll be able to head straight back to the campervan and clean up. You wont find yourselves struggling to find the restroom either because you can just return to your campervan rental, which will be parked nearby.

Having your own cooking facilities including all the possible utensils that you may require will allow you to save money on dining, leaving you with more money to spend on activities and shopping during your travels.

Things to do Near Townsville, in your Hired Campervan

When you come to Townsville in your rented motorhome, you’ll be able to really enjoy all the activities in the city and even fit more things into your trip because you will have your own transport.

You can take a stroll by the sea, play some ball in the sand and have a cold scone on the way back home in The Strand for a great day out with your family in Townsville.

Many of the more adventurous visitors like to visit Reef HQ and explore the Great Barrier for themselves. You can even go reef fishing in the Northern Conquest Charters.

You can enjoy the culture that Townsville has to offer when you take a look at the collection of artworks at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

Take in your surroundings when you ride the Red Baron Seaplanes and have a magnificent view of Magnetic Island, or experience the panoramic view on Castle Hill. You could even pay a visit to Billabong Sanctuaryor try Wakeboarding in Townsville during your stay too.

There are two major highways in Townsville that will allow you to travel to other parts of Australia. If you have planned a trip around Australia or just want to see more than just Townsville, you can use your hired campervan to access the highways and travel to more places that are further afield. The views are excellent on the highways around Australia and their direct routes will ensure that you reach your destination as quickly as possible.

Bruce Highway is a part of the Australian National Highway and also part of Highway 1. It can take you to many places around Australia and connect you with other highways when you’re travelling in your hired motorhome from Townsville. The second major highway is the Flinders Highway. This is a highway that crosses Queensland from east to west, from Townsville on the Pacific coast to Cloncurry and takes you on a scenic journey across the region.

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Take Your Motorhome through Townsville’s History

You’ll be able to enjoy the history that the city of Townsville has to offer when you visit Townsville in your hired campervan.

Indigenous groups such as the Wulgurukaba, Bindal, Girrugubba, Warakamai and Nawagi, among others, originally inhabited Townsville and the surrounding areas. The city was officially declared a municipality in February 1866, with John Melton Black elected as its first Mayor.

In 1882, Townsville’s population was 4,000 people but by 1891, less than a decade later, it had grown to 13,000.

In 1901 Lord Hopetoun made a goodwill tour of northern Australia and accepted an invitation to officially open Townsville’s town hall, occasioning the first ever vice-regal ceremonial unfurling of the Australian national flag and soon after, along with Brisbane, in 1902 Townsville was proclaimed a City under the Local Authorities Act.

During the second world war, the city was host to over 50,000 American and Australian troops.

On Christmas Eve 1971, a category 4 cyclone battered the city and Magnetic Island, causing considerable damage, but even so the city rapidly developed as the major port and service centre for the Cape River, Gilbert, Ravenswood,Etheridge and Charters Towers goldfields.