Campervan Hire in Toowoomba

The city of Toowoomba lies just 132 km from Brisbane. When you come to stay in Toowoomba in your rented campervan, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of activities, and the smaller 131,258 strong population means that you wont feel that this city is as crowded as some of the larger ones around Australia.

Your Toowoomba Campervan Adventure

When you come to stay in Toowoomba in your hired motorhome, you can use the search feature on the My Campervan™ website to find the best campsites and caravan parks for your stay. We are able to supply you with the details of many safe and conveniently located campsites at great prices, such as the BIG4 Toowoomba Garden City Holiday Park, Toowoomba Motor Village, Jolly Swagman Caravan Park, Crows Nest Caravan Park and the Yarraman Caravan Park.

When travelling in your hired motorhome in Toowoomba, you can be saved from the daily hassle of finding rooms, packing and unpacking, and dragging luggage around. The campervan is so convenient for families that it is no longer a stress to take the kids.

On the other hand, the ease of driving and open spaces makes it much more comfortable, especially for older people. One person can drive while another cooks and just hand things to the driver to save time when trying to travel from one location to another.

You always have your home with you and you don’t have to carry a large, awkward weight both to the site and back in whatever weather, as you would need to if you were camping in tent. You can stay warm and dry at all times and have less need to set anything up than you’d need to if you were camping in a tent.

Things to do Near Toowoomba, in your Hired Campervan

If you’ve chosen campervan hire in Toowoomba for your Australian adventure, you’ll find that there are all kinds of fun activities that you can try whether you are visiting with your family or friends.

You can visit Cobb and Co Museum and get a taste of history, as well as being able to play interactive games and create souvenirs to take home with you. You can purchase original artworks and limited edition prints at the Tosari Galleries.

Have a sumptuous meal with the scenic backdrop of the floral gardens at the Picnic Point Cafe and Restaurant.

You can take a stroll at the Japanese Gardens and enjoyed its traditionally designed structure and see a wide variety of performing arts for every taste in Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre.

Visit Newtown Park State Rose Garden or enjoy the scenic view of the Great Dividing Range at Picnic Point.You can even go to Crows Nest Falls to see more stunning views.

If you are visiting Toowoomba in April, you should pay a visit to the Easterfest.

In your rented campervan in Toowoomba, you will be able to take the main highways to travel around more of Australia.

The Warrego Highway is located in southern Queensland, Australia. It connects coastal centres to the southwestern areas of the state, and is approximately 750 km in length. The other major highway near Toowoomba is the New England Highway.This highway runs from Hexham near Newcastle at its southern end to Yarraman near Toowoomba at its northern end.

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Take Your Motorhome through Toowoomba’s History

Toowoomba has an interesting history, that you’ll enjoy learning about when you come to visit in your rented campervan.

Toowoomba means either ‘the swamp’ and is also the name of a variety of melon, which grew on the banks of the swamp.

The colonial history of Toowoomba can be traced back to 1816, when an English botanist and explorer named Allan Cunningham arrived in Australia from Brazil. In June 1827, a rich farming and grazing land area of 4 million acres located 100 miles west of settlement of Moreton Bay, was discovered, known as the Darling Downs.

In the 1840s Toowoomba grew as a convenient stopping point on the route from Moreton Bay to the pastoral holdings to the west and in 1892, Toowoomba and the surrounding area was proclaimed a township. Toowoomba was growing fast. By 1858, the town had a population of 700, had many stores and three hotels. On November 24,1860 a new municipal was proclaimed and Governor Bowen granted the wish of the locals. The opening of the railway from Ipswich in 1867 brought a rapid business development, and then in 1904, Toowoomba was declared a city.

In 2008, Toowoomba was tagged as the Tidiest Town in Australia