Campervan Hire in Queenstown

Queenstown lies in the Tasmania region of Australia, some 41 km from Strahan. With a population of 5,119, this isn’t as large as some of the cities that you may visit in Australia, but with your rented campervan in Queenstown, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful town and the many activities that are available when you visit.

Your Queenstown Campervan Adventure

When you come to stay in Queenstown in your rented campervan, you’ll be able to use My Campervan™’s search feature to find the best caravan sites for your stay. Amongst the great range of affordable campsites that we have to offer, you’ll find the Queenstown Cabin & Tourist Park, Strahan Holiday Park, Zeehan Treasure Island Caravan Park, Rosebery Cabin & Tourist Park and the Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park.

When you travel through Queensland in your hired campervan, you can stay longer in places that interest you the most and travel past the things that don’t. Unlike a tour or an organised trip, you have the complete freedom to travel at your own pace, and enjoy the things that you want to try.

Midday naps, potty breaks, and snack times are easily accomplished at a moment’s notice and in the evening your children can be tucked safely into bed. This makes staying in a campervan in Queenstown a great choice for families who are concerned about safety and convenience during their holiday.

Unlike conventional camping in a tent, the rain will not come in and soak everything you own. You don’t even have to set anything up when you arrive at your campsite. You can watch the tent campers from your window as they struggle with groundsheets and complicated instructions whilst you’re drinking your hot coffee and eating a freshly cooked meal that you prepared in your campervan’s kitchen.

If you need to take your work with you when you go away, you’ll be pleased to know that rented motorhomes in Queenstown can be your mobile office. Even though you are camping you can easily check your paperwork and keep your documents safe.

When you’re going out in the evening, your campervan can also be use as a ‘dressing room’ too.

Things to do Near Queenstown, in your Hired Campervan

Staying in Queenstown is the perfect opportunity to try many fun activities. A rented motorhome in Queenstown gives you the added advantage of having your own transport, which means you’ll see more of the area and have the chance to explore more activities during your stay.

A fun activity for families in Queenstown is to explore the Queenstown natural beauty on the West Coast Wilderness Railway. You can venture on an underground tour of the Lyell Copper Mine or visit the Eric Thomas Gallery Museum and learn more about Queenstown. To learn more about the history of Queenstown, why not discover mining facts at Miners Sidings.

To spend some fun recreational time, you should go trout fishing at Lake Burbury and Darwin Dam then experience an exhilarating Jet Boat Ride, Helicopter and White Water Rafting fun in Queenstown with family and friends.

For the very brave, there’s the Shotover Canyon Swing, which you can enjoy with friends, or go to the Nevis Swing (The World’s Biggest Swing).In Queenstown, you can even try Target Shooting or go Bungy Jumping on the Nevis Highwire Bungy.

You can use the two main roads in Queenstown to get around during your stay. The Lyell Highway is a highway in Tasmania that runs from Hobart to Queenstown. The name is derived from Mount Lyell, the mountain peak where copper was found in the late 19th century. The copper mining industry was important in the development and stability of Queenstown in the early years.

The Zeehan Highway was made available to traffic on 26th ofSeptember, 1941. It is situated just 3 km from Queenstown and is a great scenic route that you can take in your hired motorhome.

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Take Your Motorhome through Queenstown’s History

The town has many interesting historical facts, evidence of which you’ll be able to look out for during your trip.

The Europeans first explored the Queenstown area in 1862, and when alluvial gold was discovered at Mount Lyell in 1881, the Mount Lyell Gold Mining Company was formed.

Shortly after the discovery of gold, the first post office of Queenstown was opened on 21st of November, 1896.

Queenstown was the base of the Organisation for Tasmanian Development, which started in 1982, and the Hydro built several nearby dams in the 1980s.