Campervan Hire in Port Macquarie

The beautiful town of Port Macquarie lies in the New South Wales region of Australia. It is filled with history and fun activities for visitors to try, and as the area is just 400 km from Sydney, it is within driving distance when you are staying in a rented campervan in Port Macquarie. There is a large population of 44,313, which gives the town a great atmosphere.

Your Port Macquarie Campervan Adventure

When you’re staying in Port Macquarie in a rented campervan, you can use the search feature provided by My Campervan™ to find the best caravan parks for your stay. Amongst the many parks that you can choose from, you’ll find the Melaleuca Caravan Park, Edgewater Holiday Park, Flynns Beach Caravan Park, Port Macquarie Holiday Cabins and the Marina Holiday Park.

You can take your rented campervan everywhere you go in Port Macquarie and have your own transport and accommodations for the entire trip. Along with your own transport, you’ll have access to your very own sleeping quarters, dining room, kitchen and toilet facilities, which are available to you at all times. That means that you don’t have to plan your day looking for accommodation, or end your day short because you need to find a hotel.

You will be safe inside your campervan when there is sudden change of climate and you do not have to sleep surrounded by piles of clothes, cooking equipment and shoes like you would in a tent. You can even sleep in a bed!

Things to do Near Port Macquarie, in your Hired Campervan

You’ll find all kinds of fun things to do when you visit Port Macquarie in a hired campervan. Whether you want to keep the kids entertained, or if you’d like to share a romantic and peaceful evening with the one you love, you’ll find some great activities in the area.

You can take a cruise up the beautiful Hastings River and enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings, or for something a little more daring, why not go water skiing at Flynns Beach.

When you’re traveling with the family, why not have a relaxing family picnic by Lake Cathie or enjoy a leisurely walk and the flora and fauna that you’ll discover in Dooragan National Park. Families also enjoy going to the Town Beach. For the younger visitors, why not visit the Koala Hospital so see Australia’s sweetest mammals?

For couples, why not pamper yourself, and simply Relax at the Aqua Vitae Day Spa

You can admire the history and culture of the area when you visit St Thomas’ Church, the Roto House Historic Site, the Old Courthouse and the Maritime Museum.

Finally, to see the area from above, book Akuna Seaplanes for some great Adventure Flights.

When you’re travelling through the area, you can use some of the major highways to drive your rented campervan from Port Macquarie to other areas in Australia.

The Oxley Highwaylinks Port Macquarie and the Pacific Highway to the New England Highway near Bendemeer, whilst the 960 km long Pacific Highway links Sydney to Brisbane and takes you on a scenic route along the Gold Coast.

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Take Your Motorhome through Port Macquarie’s History

Visiting Port Macquarie is plenty of fun, with all the activities and things to see, but there’s also a lot of interesting history to learn about the area too.

Europeans first visited Port Macquarie in 1818 and the town was named after the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie. Port Macquarie was founded as the first penal settlement, replacing Newcastle as the destination for convicts that had committed secondary crimes in New South Wales in 1821.Port Macquarie, however, with its thick bush, tough terrain and local aborigines that were keen to return escaping prisoners in return for tobacco and blankets, provided large amounts of both isolation and hard labour to keep the criminals in control.

In 1823 the first sugar cane to be cultivated in Australia was planted in Port Macquarie, and soon after, in 1830, Port Macquarie was first opened to settlers.

Over 20 shipwrecks occurred in the Tacking Point area before a lighthouse was designed by James Barnet and erected there in 1879 by Shepard and Mortley. Tacking Point Lighthouse is classified by the National Trust of Australia and you can go and take a look at it when you are visiting Port Macquarie in your rented campervan.

Port Macquarie was declared a municipality in 1887, but the town never progressed as a port due to presence of a notorious coastal bar across the mouth of the river.