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The city of Mandurah lies in Western Australia, just 72 km south south-west of Perth. There are many fun activities for visitors to try when they come to stay in a rented motorhome in Mandurah. With a population of 85,814, this isn’t the biggest city in Australia and is perfect for those who would prefer a quieter paced city than some of the larger ones.

Your Mandurah Campervan Adventure

Finding a safe place to park your rented campervan in Mandurah couldn’t be easier when you use the search feature at My Campervan™. You can find some of the most affordable caravan parks that you can book, including choices like the Aqua Caravan Park, Estuary Hideaway Cabins, Peel Caravan Park, Lucky Caravan Park and the Miami Holiday Park amongst many others.

When you travel by campervan, you’ll find all kinds of great benefits. Campervans and motorhome are as easy to drive as cars. You also have a great place to dine at all times with your own cooking facilities and even a place to sit down together and enjoy your meal.

The comfortable atmosphere that you can experience in your own campervan allows you and your special ones to have complete rest and enjoy the trip to the fullest. You can even have more time to yourselves and spend quality time together.

Unlike tent camping, you don’t have to set anything up once you reach the caravan park. Simply drive, park then start cooking or make yourself a cup of coffee. After a long day of driving or having fun, you may even simply want to go straight to sleep. You will also feel safer when you’re in your campervan than you’d feel in a tent. You can lock the door, and be protected from bad weather, critters or intruders. It’s like having the comfort and safety of home with you all the time.

Because you wont be relying on public transport, you’ll be able to enjoy traveling at your own pace, not having to travel from your hotel to your day time destination and you wont have to worry about catching the last bus back to your hotel either.

Things to do Near Mandurah, in your Hired Campervan

If you’re looking for some ideas for what to do when you’re in your hired motorhome in Mandurah, you should take a few tips from these great ideas.

Families like to enjoy thrilling 4 wheel drive tours of the sandy dunes of Tim’s Thicket Beach, or taking in the scenic views of the leaf shaped Forest Heritage Centre.

You can discover the thrombolytic ‘living fossils’ at Lake Clifton in the stunningly beautiful Yalgorup National Park.

Why not try canoeing or paddle boats at Ravenswood, then head over to King’s Carnival and ride on the Ferris wheel for a unique view of Mandurah

There are some great activities that you can do with your whole family, like taking a trip to Dolphin Quay, visiting the Halls Head Beach or Silver Sands Beach and learning about the history of the area by visiting the Australian Sailing Museum. You can even go to Sutton’s Farm at Halls Head or the Port Bouvard Marina. Just 4 Fun Aqua Park is another exciting place that you can visit with the kids during your stay in Mandurah.

The Kwinana Freeway is one of the main roads that you can take when you want to travel around nearMandurah in your rented motorhome. This long freewaylinks Perth and its southern suburbs to the city of Mandurah. Mandjoogoordap Drive is a dual carriageway road, which links the Western Australian city of Mandurah to the Kwinana Freeway.

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Take Your Motorhome through Mandurah’s History

When you choose a rented motorhome in Mandurah for your visit, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the many fun activities that are available to try, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the history that the town brings.

The Noongar people, who inhabited the South West of Australia in the very early years, originally named Mandurah ‘Mandjar’. When the European Settlers came, the name was changed to Mandurah, possibly due to mispronunciation.

The population of the town was 160, with 95 males and 65 females, in 1898.

Since its founding, Mandurah was administered under the Murray Road Board until 1949, when the Mandurah Road Board was established. The Shire of Mandurah was founded on 1st July 1961 and Mandurah was upgraded as Town on 1st July 1987. Mandurah became a city on 14th April 1990.