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The city of Launceston lies in the Tasmania region of Australia. It is 63 km from Scottsdale and has a population of 106,153. It is a smaller city than most in Australia and you can enjoy an array of great activities without feeling that you are in a overcrowded city.

Your Launceston Campervan Adventure

When you are searching for campsites for your campervan in Launceston, you should try the search feature from My Campervan™. We have a great range of affordable campsites for you to book, such as the Treasure Island Caravan Parks, Glen Dhu Caravan Park, Launceston Tasmania Motorhome, Aussie Campervans and the Launceston Holiday Park. The sites are family friendly and are safe to park in overnight. You will have some great choices like the Launceston Caravan and Holiday Parks,Dover Beachside Tourist Park and Barilla Holiday Park to name but a few.

Unlike camping in a tent, a campervan is ready to park and go exploring, so you can spend more time focussing on enjoying the site. You only need to unpack once, into the many handy cupboards and closets. There is plenty of space for all the luxuries of your home too, so you’ll have a proper bed to sleep in, kitchen facilities and even a TV!

Midday naps, potty breaks, and snack times are easily accomplished at a moment’s notice, great for travelling with the children!

If you are exploring a lot of locations you will save lots of time and money by not using public transport and you don’t have to get up early, or wait around for a public transport connection or flight either because you have your own transport.

Your campervan rental in Launceston will mean that you are able to enjoy any weather that comes your way, as you are likely to be close to your transport, and the nearest facilities and amenities.

Things to do Near Launceston, in your Hired Campervan

When you come to stay in Launceston, you will be able to enjoy a great range of activities. Being able to use your own transport will save you time in getting from one to the next too, so you’ll be able to cram more activities into your stay.

You can enjoy the views at the Cataract Gorge Reserve and see the Tamar Valley with Family and kids.

Learn about the area’s culture and history at the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery. You can visit Franklin House, which is the National Trust of Tasmania Australia, whilst families like to have an educational tour and find out more about seahorses in Seahorse World

If you like walking, you should take a classic bushwalking traverse of Tasmania’s famous Overland Track, or try the 3-Day Cradle Mountain Walking Expedition on Cradle Mountain National Park. You can even enjoy the walking trails, abseiling and rock climbing in the Cataract Gorge Reserve. Even if the weather isn’t great, your campervan will be close by so you can wash up after your walk.

Go sight seeing in Launceston City park and find out about the history of the world-class Boag’s Brewery

When you’re travelling in Australia and around Launceston in your hired motorhome, you can make use of the many highways. These will take you on a direct and fast route that is scenic and enjoyable so that you can see more of Australia than just Launceston.

The Midland Highway is 176 kilometres in length and runs between Hobart and Launceston. The Tasman Highway is similar and connects the major cities of Hobart and Launceston — however it takes a different route, via the north eastern and eastern coasts of the state.

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Take Your Motorhome through Launceston’s History

When you come to stay in Launceston you can observe the culture and history that the city holds.

Launceston is located in the Tamar Valley, in Northern Tasmania, which was formed by volcanic and glacial forces over 10 million years ago.The area’s first occupants were largely nomadic Tasmanian Aborigines believed to have been part of the North Midlands Tribe.

Hotels and breweries began to appear in the area in the 1820’s and by 1827, Launceston’s population had climbed to 2,000 and the town had become an export centre, mainly for the colony’s northern pastoral industry. Launcestonwas the second town in Tasmania to be declared a city in 1889, after state capital Hobart.

Launceston is best known for being the birthplace of anaesthetic use in the Southern Hemisphere, the first Australian city to be lit my hydroelectricity and the first to have underground sewers.