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The town of Exmouth in Western Australia is a great place to visit. It has stunning views and great activities too for those who come to visit. The town lies366 km to the north of Carnarvon and has a population of 1,844. When you choose campervan hire in Exmouth for your stay, you’ll be able to enjoy more of it in a small amount of time, and have your own accommodation too.

Your Exmouth Campervan Adventure

When you come to stay in Exmouth in your hired campervan, you’ll be able to choose from some great places for overnight stays. My Campervan™ has an extensive range of campsites for motorhomes and campervans, and you’ll find that all our choices are affordable and great for families. You can use our search feature to make browsing through the choices easier, and choose from sites like the Exmouth Cape Holiday Park, Ningaloo Lighthouse Caravan Park, Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort, Peoples Park Caravan Village and the Yardie Homestead Caravan Park.

When you stay in your rented campervan in Exmouth, you will have no worries about where the next hotel room will be. You’ll have all the utilities and facilities that you would have at home, and, especially when the prices of accommodation are high in a certain area, you’ll save plenty of money by having your own transport and accommodation on wheels.

You wont have to get up early, or wait around for a public transport connection or flight, which will save you lots of time, or just allow you to have extra time in bed.

You can stay for free in many beautiful locations as well as taking all the comforts of home with you. You’ll even have access to all your luggage at a moment’s notice as the campervan will have plenty of places for your to store everything. Once you’ve unpacked, you wont have to pack up again until you are ready to go home.

You will be safe inside your campervan when there is sudden change of climate and you won’t even mind getting wet and caked in mud, because you’ll be able to return to your campervan rental and take a shower.

Things to do Near Exmouth, in your Hired Campervan

When you come to stay in Exmouth in your hired campervan, you’ll be able to enjoy far more activities than you’d be able to if you were relying on public transport and having to travel from your accommodation too. This is great because there is just so much to do in the town.

You can enjoy swimming in Bundegi Beach with family and kids and get dried off quickly because your campervan will be parked close by. In the evening, you can watch the sunset or Humpback Whales on Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Enjoy the many coastal delights by visiting Turquoise Bay or Surfer’s Beach with family and friends and go snorkelling in the Ningaloo Reef. You can enjoy a boat cruise through the Yardie Creek cool depths too.

You can have a relaxing experience when you take a walk along the Mandu Gorge that offers stunning panoramic views or see the interpretive displays, audio-visual facilities and a library containing a wealth of information on the National and Marine Parks at Milyering Visitor Centre. You can even go bird watching at Mangrove Bay

When traveling in your rented campervan in Exmouth, you can take the Minilya Exmouth Road, which will take you from Minilya, into Exmouth from the south in one of the most direct routes. This scenic road is perfect for taking trips outside Exmouth.

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Take Your Motorhome through Exmouth’s History

When you come to stay in Exmouth in your hired motorhome, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of

Exmouth is a town on the tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia and the first recorded landing in the area was by the Dutch Captain Jacobs of the Mauritius in 1618. Captain Phillip Parker King named the area Exmouth Gulf after a British Royal Naval Officer.

Exmouth was gazetted during the 1950’s

Exmouth was first used as a military base in World War II. During the war, Exmouth played a very important part in a military operation named ”Operation Potshot”.

Exmouth was established in 1964 to support the nearby United States Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt.Beginning in the late 1970s, Exmouth began hosting U.S. Air Force personnel assigned to Learmonth Solar Observatory, a defence science facility jointly operated with Australia’s Ionosphere Prediction Service.

Today, Exmouth is one of the few areas in Australia that can boast the “Range to Reef” experience.