Campervan Hire in Cairns

The city of Cairns lies in the Queensland region of Australia. It is 1707 km North West of Brisbane, and is perfect for families. If you choose a rented campervan for your visit to Cairns, you’ll feel at home amongst the 153,000 permanent residents who live in the city.There’s all kinds of things to do and see in the city and your motorhome rental will make your visit to Cairns a great adventure.

Your Cairns Campervan Adventure

When you come to hire a motorhome in Cairns, we know you’ll look for the safest camp sites in Cairns for your stay. You need to keep your family, belongings and rented motorhome safe for your whole trip, and My Campervan™ has the perfect search tool for you. Amongst some of the great choices in campsites that you can choose from, you’ll find affordable sites including the Cairns Sunland Leisure Park, Apollo Motorhome Holidays and the Crystal Cascades Holiday Park. Many of the sites that we have to offer are especially suitable for families too. Choices such as Coconut Caravan Resort, Cairns Holiday Park, White Rock Leisure Park and the Cool Waters Holiday Park are all excellent options for families.

Hiring a campervan in Cairns is a great idea. You’ll find that there’s all kinds of benefits from hiring a motorhome for travel in Cairns and more of Australia and you can make a regular trip into a great adventure.

A rented campervan in Cairns is easy to drive. Even when you are travelling with children, you’ll find that travelling from one point to another is very stress free. Your rented campervan will have all the amenities that you may need too, including a working water supply, toilet facilities, washing facilities and a cooking area. The company who you hire your campervan from will provide you with gas for your hob, which will be in canister form. It’s like camping in style.

Unlike camping in a tent, your campervan hire will not mean that you suffer during bad weather. If it starts to rain, snow or if it’s just cold outside, you can keep warm and dry inside and enjoy your travelling companion’s company. You don’t need to worry about setting up either. You can watch people camping with a tent struggle to put up their tent, whilst you can enjoy a cup of coffee within minutes of arriving at your campsite. It really is a fun and convenient way to spend your time in Australia.

Things to do Near Cairns, in your Hired Campervan

There are plenty of things to do in Cairns to keep you busy during your stay. Your hired campervan in Cairns will be useful with helping you get from one activity to the next, and you will be able to experience everything the city has to offer.

You should go to Muddy’s Playground and visit the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon with family and kids.

For the adventure seekers, why not experience Skydiving on Mission Beach, take a Reef Flight on Barrier Aviation and enjoy birds-eye views as you glide just metres over the canopy on the amazingSky rail Rainforest Cableway.For a more refined and relaxing afternoon, you could go to Paradise Palms Country Club.

There are all kinds of great activities for families of all ages in Cairns too. You can enjoy time in Kuranda ‘The Village in the Rainforest’ as a part of a tour in the Kuranda Scenic Railway, or you could hand feed kangaroos, pat a wombat, cuddle a koala, watch entertaining presentations, including the spectacular free flight bird show in Cairns Tropical Zoo. Get face to face with nature cruising through bushland on your own powerful ATV in Quad Biking Adventure or go Outback Horse Riding through spectacular rainforest and enjoy views of the Great Barrier Reef.
With the abundance of great activities to do, you’ll be pleased to have your rented campervan in Cairns. There are several major highways that you can take in order to get from one activity to the next, and even travel to the next city to try something new.

The Captain Cook Highway is a short Queensland highway that starts in Cairns and ends in Mossman, where it joins Mossman-Daintree Road, which continues to Daintree. For longer journeys, Savannah Way is a route of highways and major roads that takes you across northern Australia, linking Cairns in Queensland with Broome in Western Australia

Bruce Highway begins in the state capital of Brisbaneand passes through areas close to the eastern coast to Cairns in Far North Queensland.

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Take Your Motorhome through Cairns’ History

Your hired motorhome in Cairns will take you through a beautiful city and you’ll be able to enjoy the modern activities that the city has to offer. Cairns has a great history though, and you may be interested to learn a little about it.

In 1770, James Cook first mapped the future site that is Cairns today, initially naming it Trinity Bay. During the gold rush in 1876, Cairns was founded, due to the need for exporting gold discovered on the tablelands to the west of the inlet. Not longer after the end of the gold rush, the success of local agriculture helped Cairns to establish itself as a port, and in 1906 the harbour board was created.

Interestingly, during World War II, the Allied Forces used Cairnsas a staging base for operations in the Pacific, with US Army Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force operational bases.

The opening of the Cairns International Airport in 1984 helped establish the city as a desirable destination for international tourism.