Campervan Hire in Bundaberg

The city of Bundaberg lies in the Queensland region of Australia, some 385 km from Brisbane. It has a population of approximately 71,000 residents. If you come to visit Bundaberg in a rented campervan, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and the attractions that the area has to offer amongst the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Your Bundaberg Campervan Adventure

My Campervan™ is the right place to be if you’re looking for a great campsite for your rented campervan in Bundaberg. The useful search feature will allow you to find the cheapestand most convenient site for your stay depending on the places you want to visit and the time of year that you’ll be coming to Bundaberg. Along with many other choices, you’ll find the Bundaberg Caravan Park, Bargara Beach Caravan Park, Oakwood Caravan Park, Glenlodge Caravan Park, Finemore Holiday Park and the Midtown Caravan Park.

There are many reasons why you should choose campervan hire for your stay in Bundaberg. It is a really safe way to travel, and you’ll be able to take your whole family with you, as well as your belongings.

You wont need to remember to pack up all your things each day, and you wont need to carry around bulky luggage either.

Having your own rented campervan will ensure that you always have transport in Bundaberg. This is convenient if you are travelling with kids, as toilet breaks and emergency clean-ups are only a short walk away at all times. You will also be impressed at the simplicity of driving your rented motorhome in Bundaberg too.

Things to do Near Bundaberg, in your Hired Campervan

When you come to stay in Bundaberg in your rented motorhome, you’ll have the chance to experience some great activities in and around the city. Whether you are travelling with a larger group, or even if you are travelling alone, you’ll find all these great things to do and more in Bundaberg.

You can visit the Fairymead House Sugar Museum where you can see some amazing exhibits and buy some souvenirs.

Visit The Bundaberg Barrel, where you will find out all about the brewing history of the city. If you prefer wine to ginger beer, you can experience wine differently in the Hill of Promise Winery and Cellar Door.

You can enjoy all the sights around Bundaberg when you visit the Cania Gorge National Park and explore the spectacular landscape of prominent sandstone cliffs, caves, eucalypt forest and dry rainforest on sheltered slopes. Another beautiful place to explore is the Mount Walsh National Park, or why not go to Burrum Coast National Park with family and kids. You could always take a stroll in the Mon Repos Conservation Park and take a look at its famous turtles.
Experience 100 per cent home and hand made gourmet ice creams at Mammino Macadamias and Gourmet Ice-cream. Finally, can see the Mysterious 35 oddly shaped craters that’s been discovered in 1971 in Mystery Craters

There are two major highways that you can use near to Bundaberg. The Isis Highway is a state highway that runs through southern Queensland. This is a relatively short highway at 142 kilometres in a northeast direction from its junction with the Burnett Highway at Ban Ban Springs to Bundaberg. The second of the highways near Bundaberg is the Bruce Highway. This highway begins in the state capital of Brisbane, and then passes through areas close to the eastern coast to Cairns in Far North Queensland.

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Take Your Motorhome through Bundaberg’s History

When you come to stay in Bundaberg in your rented campervan, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful city’s great history.

An escaped convict from the Moreton Bay Penal settlement was the first white man to visit the region in 1830, although Bundaberg was founded as a European township by timbergetters Bob and George Stewart in 1867.The city was surveyed, laid out and named Bundaberg in 1870. It was then gazetted a town in 1902 and soon after was made a city in 1913.

Experimental sugar cane growing in the district created a successful industry. The first sugar mill was opened in 1882. The early sugar industry in Bundaberg was the result of the semi-slave labour carried out by Kanakas.

In 1888, the first barrel of Bundaberg Rum rolled off the production line.

In December 2010, Bundaberg experienced its worst floods in 60 years with floodwaters from the Burnett River inundating hundreds of homes.

The descendants of Queen Maria of Childers still live in the Bundaberg region.