Campervan Hire in Bunbury

The town of Bunbury lies in Western Australia. There are plenty of fun activities to do in the area, and if you hire a campervan in Bunbury, you’ll be able to visit nearby Perth, which is just 175 km from the town. With a larger population of 68,248, you’ll enjoy the great atmosphere of Bunbury during your stay.

Your Bunbury Campervan Adventure

When you come to stay in Bunbury, you will have the choice of some great campsites to stay in. You will be able to keep your campervan rental in Bunbury safe, as well as having access to more facilities, such as family entertainment and larger bathing facilities. Some of the choices that you’ll have when you use the search feature on My Campervan™ include The Glade Caravan Park, Australind Tourist Park, Bunbury Riverside Cabin Park, Bunbury Caravan Park, Discovery Holiday Parks and the Koombana Bay Holiday Resort.

When you’re travelling in your campervan hire in Bunbury, you will have access to your very own bathroom and toilet as well as having your own full size bed, fridge and stove. You don’t have to plan your day looking for accommodation, or end your day short because you need to find a hotel and you’ll be able to make impromptu changes in your travel plans at a moment’s notice.

You don’t have to get up early, or wait around for a public transport connection or flight as well as being able to hang about longer at places you like and simply avoid the places you don’t wish to visit.

You will have all the best home comforts when you are traveling by campervan in Bunbury and you’ll be able to take your whole family with you.

Things to do Near Bunbury, in your Hired Campervan

When you come to Bunbury in your hired motorhome, you can enjoy all the fun activates that the area has to offer. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay, or if you’d like to be adventurous and daring, you can find the perfect things to try in the town. You can get more helpful tips and information at the Bunbury Visitor Centre

Families with small children love to visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre. You can swim with the dolphins for free at Dolphin Discovery.Experience the Dolphin Interaction Zone on Koombana Bay shore too.

Why not visit the Lyndendale Gallery in the Ferguson Valley with family and kids for a more relaxing day out. Have a lovely stroll at the Koombana Bay, pet and feed animals with your kids and family at the Big Swamp Wildlife Park, or sit and relax while watching a movie at the Grand Cinemas.

Experience Skating on Bunbury and try Scuba Diving on Octopus Garden Marine Charters.

If you want to travel around easily when you visit Bunbury in your hired campervan, you’ll be able to take the Bussell Highway. This is a generally north-south highway in the South West of Western Australia, which links the city of Bunbury with the town of Augusta and is approximately 150 km in length.

The New Perth Bunbury Highway links the Kwinana Freeway with the Old Coast Road at Lake Clifton, bypassing the coastal city of Mandurah.

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Take Your Motorhome through Bunbury’s History

There is plenty of history connected to Bunbury, which you can learn about when traveling in your rented campervan.

The first registered sighting of Bunbury was by French explorer Captain Louis de Freycinet from his ship the Casuarina in 1803 and He named the area Port Leschenault after the expedition’s botanist, Leschenault de la Tour. The area was renamed Bunbury by the Governor in recognition of Lieutenant Henry William St. Pierre Bunbury, who developed the very difficult inland route from Pinjarra to Bunbury.

King Cottage was built around 1880 by Henry King and was owned by his family until 1923 when it was sold to the Carlsn, Later In 1966 it was purchased by the City of Bunbury and subsequently leased to the Bunbury Historical Society.

In 2007 Bunbury was recognised as Australia’s fastest growing city for the 2005/06 period by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).The Bunbury Tower, often called the “Milk Carton” for its distinctive shape and blue-and-white colours, is now the major feature of the city centre’s skyline.