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The town of Broome lies in Western Australia some 2100 km from Perth. It has a population of 11,547 meaning that you can enjoy a more peaceful holiday in a rented campervan in Broome than you would in a larger city like Sydney. There are also plenty of things to do to keep you and your travelling companions entertained during your trip to Broome.

Your Broome Campervan Adventure

When you come to stay in a rented campervan in Broome, you will be able to use My Campervan™ to find the best campsite for your stay. Our helpful search feature means that you have the best choices at your fingertips, and you’ll find great sites like the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park, Cable Beach Caravan Park, Broome Caravan Park, The Pearle, Barn Hill Beachside Station Stay and the Tarangau Caravan Park. Many of the parks that you will find on our website have additional facilities for you to use, although you can save money if you don’t need these additional facilities and book a more basic campsite.

Your rented campervan in Broome is a great way to save some money for your trip. You will be able to travel anywhere you like with only your fuel costs, saving time and money when it comes to public transport. You will also be spared the hassle of finding accommodation when you reach your destination because you have your own accommodation any time you need it. Your campervan rental in Broome will also save you money on accommodation, as well as saving when it comes to dining because you have your own kitchen.

In your rented motorhome in Broome, you’ll have access to all the utilities that you may need too. You will usually be supplied with gas for cooking, as well as all the utensils that you will need to prepare a meal along with crockery too.

Things to do Near Broome, in your Hired Campervan

When you’re in Broome, you can enjoy all kinds of fun activities. Whether you’re travelling with small children, or if you’re a group of adults on a road trip, you’ll find some great things to do to occupy your time in Broome and the surrounding areas.

You can learn a little about Broome when you visit the Broome Museum. Here, you will discover the history of Broome’s Pearling Industry, Domestic life, as well as see some Aboriginal Artefacts amongst many other things.

Whilst you are in Broome, you can stay at the luxurious Cable Beach Resort Club and see the Buddha Sanctuary, carved from breathtaking Philippine crystal. In the evening, you should take a sunset camel ride on Cable Beach.

Enjoy a great shopping experience at Johnny Chi Lane. Here, you’ll find fashion boutiques,jewellers,arcades, and cafes.

At the Broome Bird Observatory, you find out about Broome’s migratory shorebirds, who migrate as far as from Siberia.

For the brave, a great experience is to try the Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventure.

Other places to visit with the family include Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Sisters of St John of God Heritage convent and Broome’s Crocodile Park.

There are two main highways that you can take in your rented campervan to enjoy the scenery around Broome and to travel to other locations in your hired motorhome from Broome.The North West Coastal Highway is a popular north to south Western Australian highway. It links Geraldton with Hedland and is 1,320 kilometres long. You can also take the Great Northern Highway to travel from Perth to Wyndham. It is 3,204 kilometres in length, with most of this length being National Highway.

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Take Your Motorhome through Broome’s History

When you visit Broome, in your rented campervan, you can enjoy the many historical features of the town.

Broome’s history centres on the many people who developed the pearling industry in the area. This industry started with the harvesting of oysters for mother of pearl in the 1800’s, although the site of Broome is situated on the traditional lands of the Yawuru people who inhabited the land long before the pearling industry began.The Japanese Cemetery in Broome is the resting place of 919 Japanese divers who lost their lives working in the pearling industry. A cultural festival is held in Broome every year to celebrate the Asian influence on the pearling industry.

During World War II, Broome was attacked at least four times by Japanese aircrafts.

Interestingly, dinosaur footprints dated as Early Cretaceous can be seen during low tide at the Gantheaume Point 30m out to sea. Plant fossils are also preserved here in coastal exposures further north.