Campervan Hire in Ballarat

Ballarat lies in the Victoria region of Australia, some 82 km to the north west of Geelong. You can have plenty of fun in Ballarat in your hired motorhome. With a population of 94,099, the city has a great atmosphere whilst not being too overcrowded and there are all kinds of fun things to try in the area.

Your Ballarat Campervan Adventure

My Campervan™’s search feature is a great place to search for the best campsites in Ballarat. We have all kinds of affordable sites for you to choose from, with convenient locations and useful additional facilities. You can find caravan sites such as the Goldfields Holiday Park, Stranger Holiday Park, Windmill Holiday Park, Eureka Stockade Holiday Park, Shady Acres Caravan Park Ballaratand the Calembeen Lake Caravan Park.

Driving in a rented motorhome in Ballarat is surprisingly easy. It is not much different than driving a car, and this form of transport and accommodation is the key to really experiencing the delights and wonders of the Continent, not only economically, but with ease and comfort. You will save time & money on hotels during your stay, as well as having the freedom to stop at your leisure.

If you are exploring a lot of locations you will save lots of time and money by not using public transport and you have the added bonus of being able to drive on if your destination wasn’t what you’d hoped that it would be.

Things to do Near Ballarat, in your Hired Campervan

When you are planning your trip to Ballarat in your rented campervan, you can choose from some of these great ideas for activities to try during your stay.

You can see a great view of Ballarat when you pay avisit to Sovereign Hill.

Visit Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage and discover an extensive variety of local beautiful handcrafts then spend an evening exploring the dark side of Australia’s premier Gold Rush Cemetery at Ballarat Old Cemetery night tours.

Take a guided tour and enjoy animal shows like snake show, crocodile show and learn about animal’s behaviour at Ballarat Wildlife Park or visit Ballarat Bird World.

Catch your own dinner, when you step outside and cast a line to catch some fresh fish to enjoy at Tuki Retreat.

Finally, get a souvenir of some unique gold to add to your collection at The Mining Exchange Gold Shop.

When you visit Ballarat in your rented campervan, you can take the two nearby highways to travel easily around the country. The Western Highway is part of the principal route linking Melbourne and Adelaide over a distance of 314 kilometres. The second highway is Ballarat Road, which starts at the Footscray junction of Geelong Road in Footscray and continues west through Maidstone, Braybrook, Sunshine, Albion, Cairnlea, Deer Park, Burnside, and the new Caroline Springs estate.

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Take Your Motorhome through Ballarat’s History

If you will be visiting Ballarat in your hired campervan, you will be interested to know that there is much to learn about the town’s history, and it development from a mining town to a busy city.

The Wathaurong people, Indigenous Australians who occupied the area prior to the European settlement of Australia, initially populated the Ballarat region.

In 1837, a party of six Scottish squatters who had travelled from Geelong came across the area. Somerville Learmonth led them,on a search for land that had been less affected by the severe drought so that their sheep could graze. They were first Europeans to sight the area.

Not long after, on 2 August 1851, the discovery of gold in Ballarat was first publicised by Thomas Hiscock.The lucky find brought other prospectors to the area and on 19 August 1851, John Dunlop and James Regan struck gold at Poverty Point with a few ounces. Months later, the first Post Office in Ballarat opened on 1 November 1851, and a few years later, the first newspaper, The Banner, was published on 11 September 1853.

The town grew quickly as a result of the gold rush, and Ballarat was proclaimed a city in 1871.

The Gong Gong reservoir was built in 1877 to alleviate flooding and to provide a permanent water supply to the city. A direct railway to Melbourne was completed in December 1889. Many industries and workshops that had been established as a result of manufacturing and servicing for the deep lead mining industry.