Campervan Adventures: Wollongong’s Places of Interest

In the New South Wales Region of Australia, there lies the wonderful city of Wollongong. This place never stops to amaze every tourist and even locals because of its beautiful places of interest. With a population of almost 300, 000, Wollongong is a peaceful place wherein you could indulge yourself in several enjoyable activities and astonishing tourist spots. If you want to have a glimpse of Wollongong, then you should opt for a campervan hire and start your campervan adventure in the so called “Sound of the Sea.” Here are some of Wollongong’s best places of interest or tourist attractions.

Symbio Wildlife Park

One of the most famous wildlife parks in New South Wales is the Symbio Wildlife Park. It is located in the northern part of Wollongong. It’s only a 30-minute drive with your campervan. If you are traveling to Wollongong with your family, this place is a must see. The Symbio Wildlife Park makes your zoo experience even more wonderful through performing demonstrations with their most prided animals. The wildlife park is home for a thousand of animals. This includeds the Sumatran tiger, Australia’s icon animals – the koala and kangaroo, and many more!

Jervis Bay Whales

On the other note, if you haven’t seen whales and dolphins in your whole life, it’s best to visit the Jervis Bay. The Jervis Bay is famous for its whale and dolphin cruises. The best time to visit this place is during the months of May to November because it is the time wherein the humpback and southern right whales migrate in the area. You are also guaranteed to witness dolphins jumping out of the water.

Jamberoo Action Park

With your campervan hire, tread the path along the coastal area of Wollongong to see this ever amazing theme park. It is one of New South Wales’ biggest attractions. If you want some water adventure, this is the perfect place for you. You could enjoy sliding in Jamberoo’s big and long waterslides that send you thrills in your bones. And from the top, you could enjoy the view of the island’s beaches and mountains.

Nan Tien Temple

For a more serene place, you could visit Wollongong’s Nan Tien Temple – meaning Southern Paradise. The Nan Tien Temple is largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. You could enjoy the temple tours during weekends. There is also a dining room and a tea house for everyone. However, all of the temple’s meals are vegetables. Nevertheless, this is a once in a lifetime extraordinary fun.

Wollongong Central

For another spectacular campervan adventure, you could visit the Wollongong Central if you are searching for designer clothes. The Wollongong Central is the leading fashion destination in the Illawara. The central holds an extensive collection of clothing brands that you might like.

So what are you waiting for? Fly to New South Wales, Australia and head towards the city of Wollongong. To fully enjoy your stay, there is a need for a campervan hire.

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