Campervan Adventures: The Top Attractions of Sydney, Australia (Part 2)

A lot of tourists and travelers are intrigued with Sydney’s beauty since there were past issues regarding the rightful capital of Australia. Though Sydney hasn’t won the battle of Australia’s capital, Sydney still remains undefeated, holding up its distinctive beauty. If you are already in Sydney but still stuck on where to go, we may possibly help you through this short list of Sydney’s top attractions.

Have you missed the first part? Be sure to include it in your reading list because it can lead you to Sydney’s best. And here’s a friendly reminder. If you’re going to tour Sydney’s top attractions, you might as well hire a campervan. Why? It’s simple. A campervan is the perfect vehicle for you to reach your destinations. Plus, you can stuff a load of souvenirs, items and gears inside your campervan’s compartment during your wonderful Sydney trip. And here are some of Sydney’s top attractions, part two.

Shelly Beach

Sydney, Australia has amazing beaches and this include the Shelley Beach. Located in the suburb of Manly, this beach is well-loved by surfers because of its famous surf break known as Bower. If you are a surfer and you want to meet your big wave, Shelley’s got it for you. It is also popular among scuba divers since this beach is one of the safest scuba diving destinations. This beach is also equipped with several facilities such as parking spaces, showers, toilets, electric barbecues, and booths that sell food, drinks and ice cream.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

On the other hand, if you are an artist by heart, you can drive your campervan towards New South Wales and get a glimpse on its famous Art Gallery. It holds an infinite collection of art wherein creative artists had spent their precious time making it. There are several pieces to admire and you will know about Sydney’s rich art culture. Tourists and travelers never fail to visit this artistic and serene place.

Urban Jungle Adventure Park

Got kids with you during your Sydney trip? To make them stop whinnying, it’s best to tour them around Urban Jungle Adventure Park.  It’s like a mini adventure for your kids! Why? Urban Jungle Adventure Park offers your kids the chance to experience a marvelous high ropes and climbing adventure. With the right harness, your kids can swing like a monkey, climb up trees and see spectacular views from above. To provide your children with these chilling excitements, just visit the Sydney Olympic Park where you can find the urban jungle.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is another great place for your family. If you want to see a vast collection of wildlife, this amazing aquarium can present you several marine life species. This includes a collection of the feared sharks, fat and rare dugongs, colorful tropical fishes, enormous stingrays, and so much more. There are about over 650 marine life species you can see at the famous Darling Harbour, Sydney Aquarium. Travelers and foreigners described this aquarium as the best aquarium in the whole world.

Shark Dive Extreme

If you want a more thrilling yet fantastic experience in Sydney, why don’t you dive towards a pool of sharks? Probably, you’re asking yourself if you can still resurface the waters alive. Well, of course you can still be back in one piece with the very professional staff of Shark Dive Extreme. You’ll have the chance to swim with grey nurse sharks. These grey nurse sharks definitely have three metre bodies and the menacing looks, but they are extremely harmless.

You should definitely visit all these top attractions in Sydney, Australia. And to be able to do that? A campervan vehicle is necessary. So don’t hesitate to hire a campervan during your exhilarating Sydney tour.

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