Campervan Adventures: The Top Attractions in Sydney, Australia (Part 1)

Breezing through the highways of Sydney, Australia with a campervan is such a pleasurable task. Everywhere you go, you can only see beauty since it is the capital of New South Wales. And the problem goes there. Everything you see in Sydney and you don’t know where exactly to go. So as to have a great campervan adventure in Sydney, Australia, we will make a list of its top attractions.

Before you go full throttle in your campervan’s engines, consider these following destinations. Pick what you liked best and travel your way around Sydney. Even if you have a limited time exploring, you can have a glimpse of all these places as long as you have a campervan along with you.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Australia is also known as “The Harbour City” because it is an inlet to the Tasman Sea. So what’s interesting about harbours? My dear friends, the Sydney Harbour is considered as one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. It has a lot of spectacular things and places to see like the famous Harbour Bridge, cruises and ships, secluded beaches, the Opera House, the gorgeous city at night, fine restaurants and many more. As a whole, the Sydney Harbour is a very awesome place. Tourists love it, and you will also love it.

Royal Botanic Gardens

After exploring the Sydney Harbour, you can start driving your campervan at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Just by its name, it’s a botanic garden only of royal quality – a botanic garden that is created to fit the eyes of a king and a queen. The gardens cover about 30 hectares so you will have a plenty of view of the wildlife. It has also its own restaurant and café wherein you can spend eating out lunch together with your companions.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest sights of the Sydney Harbour is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is a wide steel arch bridge that attracted several tourists. Its beautiful structure is not only its greatest point. For the more adventurous, you can challenge yourself to do the BridgeClimb – climbing at the top of the bridge’s structure. See amazing views when you’re on top.

Sydney Opera House

An opera? What’s so good about that? Perhaps, you might ditch that boring perspective of an opera house when you see Sydney’s. Its opera house is surrounded by the sea. Its structure is also mimics as that of a large sailing boat. You need to book an opera to watch how its crew performs. Like what most tourists say, the Sydney Opera House is an architectural gem of Sydney, Australia.

Watson’s Bay

Sydney is definitely the home of beautiful bodies of water. At Watson’s Bay, you can ride on a ferry to explore the amazing sea of Sydney. Don’t forget to grab a bag of fish and chips for you to eat. Exploring the sea floor might be really enjoyable but you can also get hungry. Tourists love Watson’s Bay because of its scenic views.

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