Australia’s Scenery Best Seen in a Campervan

At times, do you want to indulge yourself on a road trip? A lazy afternoon, yet a bright sunny day makes you want to go out, and drive your campervan towards the most beautiful scenery of Australia. We all know that Australia is lovely. There are beaches, rivers, lakes, rainforests, mountain trails, and the outback. Every place is reachable as long as you have your campervan with you.

But do you want to have a different adventure? Beaches are fantastic and mountain views are exhilarating. But there are other places that look absolutely great even when you don’t step out from your campervan. Here’s some of Australia’s scenery best seen in a campervan.

The Great Ocean Road

Victoria is well known for its Great Ocean Road. Road trippers love to pass by this road because of its breathtaking views. This 250 kilometre ocean drive gives you a splendid view of the ocean waves and a bush land filled with extremely cute koalas.

But most of all, the Great Ocean Road is visited for its amazing rock formations surrounded by the splashing waves of the sea. These rock formations are called the Twelve Apostles. Count them if they are really twelve!

Sydney Grand Pacific Drive

If you are in New South Wales, you should not miss having a road trip in the Sydney Grand Pacific Drive. What’s in store for you? Oh, you would only have the chance to see the famous Sea Cliff Bridge – a thrilling cliff-hugging road that is mostly featured in motor ads.

Aside from that, you’ll have a great view of the seaside towns that seem to bud from the sea coastlines. What a peaceful way to spend your day. You’ll also come across with the world’s second oldest national park called the Royal National Park.

Nature’s Way

At the Northern Territory, there’s a road called the Nature’s Way. Driving along this road would give you the opportunity to have a glimpse of the Kakadu National Park – one of Australia’s prides, a world heritage site.

You would also see various wetlands, swimming holes, rock formations and lush green rainforests. Nature’s Way undoubtedly stands up to its name. Go further ahead to the Litchfield National Park to see wonderful waterfalls and more of the green scenery.

Great Green Way

If you are in Cairns, Queensland, the Great Green Way would be a fantastic drive. The 457 kilometre stretch of the road would allow you to never run out of exhilarating views such as the Great Barrier Reef, beaches, rainforests, mountain tops, islands, palm trees and even majestic waterfalls.

The Great Green Way is in fact one of Australia’s best viewing podiums when you are on a campervan road trip. Have a nice quick stop and feast your eyes with the beautiful scenery.

Australia is a beautiful place. There is always a room for you to spend an indulging road trip anywhere on Australia’s most fantastic roads. Don’t just laze around, and spend your time sightseeing. Your campervan would be your most loyal bud.


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