About Us

Hey, my name is Jarrod and when I was travelling around Australia between working and studying for university, I ended up renting a lot of campervan’s. It wasn’t until I found out just how time consuming it was calling up every brand such as ‘Apollo Campers’, ‘Britz Campervans’, ‘Kea Campers’, ‘Jucy’, ‘Maui’ and the list goes on. The phone calls always consisted of the same questions:

  • Where is your closest pick up depot to ‘x’?
  • What is the price for a 2 Berth or 3 Berth on these dates?
  • Do you have campervans available for these dates?
  • Where is your closet drop off depot to ‘x’?

Then came the question:
Isn’t there an easier way to find all of these brands online and their availability, or so someone else can do it for me?

ENTER: My Campervan™

When I finally finished building My Campervan™ for Australian travels, it meant that people could come onto the website, select where they wanted to pick up the campervan and drop it off, as well as the date range and even down to the size of the campervan. Just with a couple of presses of a button, our wonderful customers have all of the information they require from pricing, pick up locations, drop off locations, amenities, rental options, accessories, insurance, etc. But not only from just one or two brands, we basically stock EVERY BRAND available within Australia.

We also put our guarantee behind the campervans, if you rent a campervan that is not available, we will find you multiple alternatives and do all of the research for you, so you don’t have to.

As we have got a lot of travels around the world, we try to make it easier:
Within Australia Call: 1300 342 293
Within New Zealand Call: 0800 556 606
Outside of These: Email & we can provide a local phone number

At My Campervan™, if anything is not simple and easy for you, please email us or call us and let us know how we can improve on it.

And Remember:
You need to get off the main roads and tourist attractions to make true and everlasting memories.