Campervan Hire in Australia

Australia lies on the large continent of Australasia, which lies in the south of the globe. It is a popular place for tourists, who travel from all over the world to see the beauty of the country and try the many fun activities that are available. As the country is so large, it is a great idea to hire a campervan if you are thinking of taking a trip to Australia. My Campervan™ offers campervan rentals so that you can choose the best prices for your stay, and hire your campervan from a location that is convenient for you.

Your Australian Campervan Adventure

My Campervan™ has a great search feature that enables you to search for the best campervan rental prices for your stay. You can search based on your budget, or location requirements as well as searching for the time of year that you will be travelling in order to find the best prices. You can keep your campervan safe in Australia by staying in campervan parks such as the Toowoomba Motor Village, the Zeehan Treasure Island Caravan Park in Queensland and the Bunbury Riverside Cabin Park.

There are all kinds of great benefits to be enjoyed from hiring a campervan in Australia for your stay. Not only will you save money, but also you can enjoy more time with your travel companions and enjoy longer days because you wont spend as long chasing public transport or trying to keep to strict schedules.

You can also stay in some of the most beautiful places in your campervan in Australia. Wake up in a different district each day, or stay for as long as you like in a place that particularly captures your heart.

Campervan and motorhome hire in Australia is a great way to travel with children. If you have a young or large family, you can have the piece of mind of taking everyone with you on your trip across Australia, with all the things that you could possibly need right at your fingertips in your campervan.

You’ll have all of the utilities and equipment that you may require when you hire a campervan in Australia. It will contain a dining and food preparation area, as well as an area to sit and relax. Take advantage of the comfy but compact sleeping quarters, and have the advantage of having your own toilet facilities too. This will all be useful for your holiday in Australia in your campervan rental.

Things to do Near Australia, in your Hired Campervan

When you hire a campervan in Australia, you’ll be able to take advantage of the additional time that you’ll have by enjoying more of the many and varied fun activities that are available in Australia.

In Port Macquarie, you could have a relaxing family picnic by Lake Cathie. You could even discover the stunning Dooragan National Park. Families enjoy the Town Beach, whilst the younger visitors love the Koala Hospital.

Why not take a relaxing trip to the Beautiful Hamilton Island, go to the Famous Whitehaven Beach, or take a trip out to “Knuckle Reef Lagoon” or Tandem Skydive on Airlie Beach if you’re passing through the area? This is a stunning region of Australia that has all kinds of beautiful sights to see.

Toowoomba is a great location to take a stroll through the town’s Japanese Gardens and you can enjoy its traditionally designed structure. Whilst you’re there, you can also see a wide variety of performing arts for every taste in Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre.

There are many main highways that you can take around Australia to take you from one town or city to the next in the most direct route possible. Most of these routes are very scenic, and even the ones that take you through the desert will give you some of the most stunning views that you have ever seen. Your campervan rental in Australia is the perfect tool that you can use to help you travel around at your own pace. You’ll even be able to stop whenever you like to have a rest, or cook a meal.

Just one example of the many highways in Australia is the Bussell Highway. This is a generally north-south highway in the South West of Western Australia, which links the city of Bunbury with the town of Augusta and is approximately 150 km in length.

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Take Your Motorhome through Australia’s History

Australia is steeped in history. Much of this history relates to the discovery of gold, as well as the settlement of the country by the Europeans and other settlers.

Most of the inhabited areas of Australia today were once home to the native Australian aboriginal people, although as settlers discovered parts of the Australian Coast, the settlements were given more European names. Some of these names were based on the original aboriginal names, such as Mandurah, whilst other areas such as Canterbury were named after the homes of their settlers.

The townships and cities were established because they were useful to the inhabitants in some way, such as the gold mining towns, or the harbours, which could be used to export goods. Today, the tourism industry is highly profitable across Australia, whilst exports such as bananas and mined materials are still traded from other regions.

As you drive around Australia in your hired campervan, you’ll be able to see evidence of the country’s history, and you may even have the chance to explore museums and old mining towns to learn more about this beautiful land.